You’re probably more concerned with your Halloween costume than with your holiday shopping right now, but we’re warning you: it’ll be here before you know it. Our advice: head to Re:Make this year (get your ticket right here) and get a serious head start. For the ladies on your list, you can’t go wrong with a pretty necklace. Here, 12 looks we love.

lattice and acrylic necklace

1. Lattice Acrylic + Brass Necklace ($27): The geometric design adds extra oomph, and the bold color punches up everything from a plain white tee to a LBD.

Cayucos Statement Necklace

2. Cayucos Statement Necklace ($115): We are loving the deep blue Lapis Lazuli gemstones that adorn this pretty piece! We think it works as an elegant look for an early fall wedding.

Harbor Navy Necklace to bracelet

3. Navy Necklace-to-Bracelet ($196): We know, this one is pricey. But hear us out: It doubles as a bracelet, giving you WAY more bang for your buck. Plus, the edgy nautical-inspired knot design carries all the way into winter.

Skyline Necklace

4. Skyline Necklace ($27): Nameplate necklaces are soooooo ten years ago. This worldly wonder puts a fresh spin on the trend.

Mint Geometric Bib Necklace

5. Mint Geometric Bib Necklace ($50): We’ve always had a soft spot for bib necklaces, and we’re loving that this one combines geometric shapes with beautiful embroidery.

Nova Necklace

6. Nova Necklace ($68): This necklace is a beautiful combination of peach and amber glass with adorning brass beads. And with an adjustable sliding knot, you can make it any size you like!


7. Marrakesh Necklace ($42): A cheery yellow necklace is just the sort of pick-me-up we need for sluggish Monday mornings. We think it would look amazing to liven up some of our more basic looks.

Crescent Color Block Necklace

8. Crescent Colorblock Necklace ($285): This necklace’s curious shape and clever color blocking give it instant conversation-starter status.

Pyramid Enamel Necklace

9. Pyramid Enamel Necklace ($32): Mystical and exotic, we will never tire of pyramids. This one gets a mega jolt of wild color thanks to the pretty teal, hot pink and yellow tones.

hand beaded necklace trio

10. Hand Beaded Necklace Trio ($50): The combination of three necklaces in one justifies the price tag. Wear them individually for a subtle look or as a trio to really make a statement.

Indra Necklace

11. Indra Necklace ($110): This collar piece necklace features a beautiful combination of geo diamond pendants and turquoise heishi beads.

Gold Dipped Stoneware Pebble

12. Gold Dipped Pebble Necklace ($174): Wanna feel like you have the Midas touch? Pick up this gold-dipped pebble necklace.

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