Not in the mood to go full-on vampire for Halloween this year? Or maybe you love Halloween so much you want to show your spooky pride every day leading up to October 31st? No matter your sentiment for All Hallow’s Eve, here are 24 adorably cute wearables for all scary styles and budgets.

1. Pumpkin Sweatshirt ($108): Because it wouldn’t be Halloween without a wearable jack-o’-lantern… how comfy does this sweatshirt look?

2. Bat Sweater ($17): You could be Batman’s fashionable sidekick in this pullover. Just make sure to let Robin down nicely.

3. Bat Sweater Dress ($58): Let this bat-attack dress be your alternate outfit when you and Batman go out on the town.

4. Frankenstein Sweater ($57): A pink Frankenstein sweater? This monster never looked so pretty or approachable.

5. Cat Jumper ($103): Be the mysterious feline at this year’s Halloween party. Only this time, you won’t have to paint whiskers on your face.

6. Skull Blouse ($39): This is definitely coming out of the closet during months other than October.

7. Fang Print Crop Top Set ($47): Rock the crop top like you never have before, with a smattering of sultry fangs.

8. Dead Daisy Crop Top ($34): He loves me. He loves me not. Does this game work when the daisies are dead? Try it out this Halloween, then let us know.

9. Too Lazy Tee ($29): We don’t always have the time or energy to show our love for Halloween… or even put on pants, for that matter.

10. Pumpkin Aztek Cardigan ($40): Stay warm with the color of pumpkin for an ever-so-subtle nod to the jack-o’-lantern.

11. Skull Skinny Jeans ($43): Dark olive is a great fall color, and skulls scream Halloween. It’s a win-win for your anti-costume this season.

12. Spiderweb Jeggings ($23): If you’re going for less color and a more abstract design for your stems, opt for black skinny jeans covered in white cobwebs.

13. Gothic Fang Bib Necklace ($29): Wear your fangs front and center with this Dracula-approved necklace. You’ll be the idol of all True Blood fans at this year’s Halloween bash.

14. Python Snake Loafers ($211): These serpentine flats will take your scary look up a notch. Pair them with some festive skinny jeans, and you’ll be haunted-catwalk ready.

15. Bat Nylons ($18): If your Halloween outfit consists of a skirt, dress or shorts, make sure to keep your legs covered and your batty spirit high.

16. Witching Hour Tunic with Hood ($79): Broom sold separately.

17. Cobra Earrings ($59): Let your Halloween venom dangle from your lobes.

18. Blood Spattered Pumps ($29): In case you’re going for a subtle Single White Female reference (CREEPY!), or you’re the hottest vampire in town. These blood spatter pumps are sure to turn heads.

19. Cobweb Ring ($485): You can get away with wearing this in the off-season as well.

20. Vampire Sheild Nail Rings ($5): Consider these Vampire accessories to be your Halloween manicure that won’t chip.

21. Nail Bracelet ($25): If you want to channel your inner Mrs. Frankenstein this year, make sure to wear a few hardware-inspired accessories.

22. Vampire Shades ($10): We know vampires prefer darkness, so create your own with these “Bite Me” fang glasses.

23. Monster Pouch ($225): Here’s a more-adorable-than-scary clutch to carry all of your essentials for a night out on the town.

24. Zombie Tote ($19): This is the chicest trick-or-treat bag we’ve ever seen.

How are you showing your Halloween spirit this year? Tell us in the comments below!