So Halloween is your favorite holiday. And why wouldn’t it be? We’ll take any excuse to DIY an epic costume and devour candy like there’s no tomorrow. If you’re expecting around Halloween, then get inspired by all the best parts of the holiday, like candy and spooky characters, to pick that perfect name. Obviously you don’t want to go over the top with names like Elphaba and Dracula, but you want something unique. Bearing that in mind, here are some of our favorite Halloween-inspired names that pay just enough homage to the holiday while still being a fun namesake that they’ll love when they get older.



Sugar and spice and everything nice never seemed so relevant. Look to your bag of Halloween candy for sweet baby names or go for a name inspired by good witches and the fall season.

1. Autumn

2. Bella

3. Blair

4. Carrie

5. Eve

6. Ginger

7. Ginny

8. Hazel

9. Joy

10. Lucy

11. Luna

12. Mina

13. Raven

14. Reese

15. Rosemary

16. Sabrina

17. Scarlett

18. Willow



Think baby boy names can’t be sweet? Think again. From the trendy Charleston to a more unique option like York, these baby names are inspired by Halloween candy and all our favorite Halloween characters.

1. Byron

2. Casper

3. Charleston

4. Dante

5. Damian

6. Edward

7. Freddy

8. Harry

9. Heath

10. Ike

11. Jack

12. Jasper

13. Kit

14. Thorne

15. Victor

16. York

Which of these Halloween-inspired names is your fave? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!