September marks the beginning of sweater weather, PSLs and pre-holiday madness. It鈥檚 the time of year when the weather cools down and our weekends change from beachy adventures to couch snuggles by the fire with a good book. If you are welcoming a new addition to your family soon, we suggest keeping the month鈥檚 comfy and cozy family vibe in mind. Check out the 10 names below for what to name your September baby.


September Boy Baby Names

1. Forrest: The best part of fall is definitely all those bright and beautiful trees. Name your little one after a whole bunch of 鈥檈m with this strong yet classic moniker.

2. Murray: Bill Murray, our fave Wes Anderson actor and September baby, definitely deserves some little dudes sporting his last name. You could even dress your tiny person up as Steve Zissou for his first Halloween.

3. Hunter: Whether you are a Hunter S. Thompson fan or lover of strong names, this one will be just right for your strong and creative dude.

4. Otis: This old-school name has been getting a bit of attention lately, and for good reason. Choose it for your little one and call him 鈥淥ti鈥 for short.

5. Asher: Meaning 鈥渉appy鈥 in Hebrew, this old English name would be great for your early fall babe. Call him 鈥淎sh,鈥 after the tree, for short.

September Girl Baby Names

1. Autumn: This seasonal moniker is a unique and beautiful pick for your little girl. Pair with a floral middle name like 鈥淩ose鈥 or 鈥淒ahlia鈥 for that finishing touch.

2. Aster: As the Greek word for 鈥渟tar,鈥 this should definitely be the name for your little superstar. It鈥檚 also a tree with gorgeous flowers that bloom in early fall.

3. Willow: Okay, last tree-inspired name. Promise. We love this name, which takes its meaning, 鈥済raceful,鈥 from the appearance of its gorgeous, sweeping branches.

4. Sapphire: Both elegant and classy, this Hebrew name meaning 鈥渂eautiful gem鈥 would be fitting since it鈥檚 also September鈥檚 birthstone.

5. Zendaya: Our girl Zendaya blows out the candles Sept 1. Honor her impeccable style and grace by naming your little one this moniker that means 鈥渢o give thanks.鈥

What August-inspired name are you loving? Are there any summery names that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!