Obviously, dressing up in costumes is the best part of Halloween. But dressing up your food comes in at a close second! Whether you’re creeping out all the trick-or-treaters with spooky snacks or bringing a ghoulish dessert to the office potluck, you can’t deny that Halloween-themed food is a must-have for this devilish holiday. And what better way to celebrate than creating a decadent, chocolatey pizza with all the best toppings (read: candy, candy and MORE candy)? This delicious Halloween pizza is ridiculously easy to make and will be a smash hit at any party.

Halloween Pizza | Nanette Wong-15


— 1 pre-made pizza crust

— 1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips

— 1/2 cup white chocolate chips

— 1 cup milk chocolate chips

— 2 packs marshmallow ghosts (available at Target)

— 1 pack candy corn M&Ms

— 1 row brownie batter Oreos (or any Oreos)

— 1 cup candy corn

— any other festive Halloween candy you love!

Halloween Pizza | Nanette Wong-1


1. Bake the pizza crust according to the directions; however, only bake it halfway. Remove from oven.

2. Mix all the chocolate chips together and pour over the partially baked crust to create a layer.

3. Then layer on all the candy.

4. Bake in the oven at 350 degrees until the chocolate melts.


Roll out your pizza dough and bake it halfway, following the instructions on the package.

Halloween Pizza | Nanette Wong-4

Layer on that chocolate!!

Halloween Pizza | Nanette Wong-5

Turn this pizza into candy heaven. The messier, the better.

Halloween Pizza | Nanette Wong-8

Take out the tray when the chocolate is nice and melty, about five to seven minutes.

Halloween Pizza | Nanette Wong-11

Oh yeah. We’ll have a BIG slice of that, please.

Halloween Pizza | Nanette Wong-12

What other toppings would you put on this pizza? More candy? Maybe some caramel sauce? Let us know in the comments!