There are those who have been prepping their Halloween costume for months, and then there are those who tend to piece something together in the hour before they go trick or treating. Whichever category you fall under is fine by us, but if you’re doing something festive for the holiday, showing up sans costume is simply not an option. Whether you’re pressed for time or looking for a low-key work-appropriate Halloween getup, simplify your costume crisis this Halloween by slipping on any one of these 22 festive t-shirts.

1. Creepin’ Sweatshirt ($68): Here’s a cool weather option that’s totally appropriate for a laid back Halloween celebration, but could also be worn all year round.

2. Bikini Body T-Shirt ($30): Oh, the ’90s. They gave us the Spice Girls, inflatable furniture and those insane high-rise bikinis. Thankfully you can avoid the eminent wedgie these bottoms would give by wearing it as a t-shirt.

3. R2D2 Costume ($24): Forget the clunky cardboard costume. This slim tank has the all necessary details you need to very clearly portray everyone’s favorite robot.

4. Zombies Ate My Costume Tee ($20): Zombie costumes are a dime a dozen. Here’s a new angle on the zombie craze. What you’ll lack in extravagance you’ll make up for in cleverness.

5. Legends of the Hidden Temple Tee ($15): Throw it back to ’90s Nickelodeon as a contestant on the iconic game show Legends of the Hidden Temple. Round up a group of friends for a seriously easy, nostalgic costume.

6. Sriracha Bottle Sweatshirt ($25): What’s up hot stuff? Do you sprinkle a couple drops of this over every meal? Well, you are what you eat, right? At least you can be for one night, anyway.

7. Minion T-Shirt ($20): These little yellow guys are bound to be everywhere this Halloween. Whether you want to stand out from the crowd or you’re just that low maintenance, here’s an option that’s far from despicable.

8. Egon Spengler Ghostbusters Shirt ($22): Who ya gonna call? Well, probably the guy in the adorable Ghostbusters t-shirt. And, hey, why don’t you cast the new all-female remake this Halloween and make this a group getup?!

9. Hocus Pocus Tee ($22): Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without a tribute to our favorite witches. Bring back the Sanderson sisters without endangering children everywhere with this magical tee.

10. Cat Costume Muscle Tank Top ($20): A centaur is a half man, half horse. A mermaid is half man, half fish. And a half cat, half human? Well that’s you, of course.

11. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ($16): A cute crop top is all you need to go, go power ranger.

12. Marty Mcfly Vest Costume ($25): Putting together a Marty Mcfly costume is relatively easy, but if you’re in need of something a little cooler and quicker, compact all those layers into one epic t-shirt.

13. Maid Costume Tee ($20): There’s no sexy costume more classic than the French maid. When pulled off right it can look pretty damn good, but if you don’t feel like baring all this Halloween, try this faux French maid costume instead.

14. Pop Boutique Halloween Scene Sweatshirt ($42): Is there such a thing as an ugly Halloween sweater/sweatshirt party? There should be.

15. Witching Hour Slogan Mesh T-Shirt ($25): No green face paint necessary for this witchy ensemble. Just put on a gothic-looking lipstick and a wide-brimmed hat for a trendy take on the classic costume.

16. Halloween Bleached Skeleton Print Tee ($34): Here’s an easy option that’s totally halloween appropriate but would also look amazing at a rock concert, on a night out or pretty much anywhere.

17. Up All Night For Candy Tee ($25): Pharrell might be pulling all-nighters with more scandalous intentions, but ours are purely for the sake of sugar. Slip this on if you’ll be spending the evening passing out candy to adorably dressed-up little ones.

18. Frida Skull Shirt ($59): A colorful, geometric Dia de los Muertos skull that’s also paying homage to Frida Kahlo? Um, forget Halloween, we’ll be sporting this pretty much everyday for the rest of the year.

19. Pop Boutique Boo Halloween Sweatshirt ($42): It’s warm. It’s cozy. It’s totally festive. Forgo the complicated costume and instead opt for some old school Halloween spirit.

20. Skull Tank Top ($20): Skeletons don’t have to be spooky. These ones just want to turn your t-shirt into a party.

21. Sweet Ghost Muscle Tee ($20): Your sheets are safe from the scissors this year. Update the old school ghost costume by making it a little less destructive and a whole lot trendier. We highly recommend doing this as a two-person costume with the other guy sporting the Ghostbuster tee.

22. Cameron Caduceus T-Shirt ($20): Everybody wishes they could be a little more like Ferris Beuller. But Cameron? Totally overlooked ’til now. Grab a couple friends and turn this into a group costume by adding in a Ferris and Sloane (her leather fringed jacket would look amazing).

Any of these t-shirts strike your fancy? If you know of any cool shirts we missed, please share a link with us in the comments.