While Hanginaround wasn’t one of our fave tracks by the genius makers of Mr. Jones, actually hanging around is exactly what we’re planning to do all weekend long. Rest, relax and recharge for the whirlwind that is sure to be this summer. And we’d like to recommend that you do the same. Here are 10 colorful hammocks made just for you.

1. Canyon Fringe Hammock, Green ($118): This deep green hammock is the kind of piece you could hang in your home all year round.

2. Red Cotton Hammock Chair ($47): Going on an adventure in the woods this weekend? Then you should probably throw this hammock chair in your trunk.

3. Kate Spade Saturday Hammock ($180): Kate Spade never fails us in the color department.

4. Grand Trunk Double Hammock ($74): What looks like a teeny tiny string bean of a hammock is actually made for two. Snuggle up!

5. Multicolor Hammock With Orange Holder ($80): Fiesta siesta. That’s all there is to it.

6. Mint Hammock Chair ($47): Can we get one of these for the Brit HQ courtyard? Pretty please?

7. Vibrant Orange Double Hammock ($98): If only I were lazing beneath a palm tree right now…

8. Stansport Bahamas Cotton Hammock ($20): This inexpensive number is one that should always be packed in your adventure-on-the-go tote.

9. Canyon Fringe Hammock, Orange ($118): A brighter cousin of the deep green number we kicked things off with, we are in major like with the crimson tassels on this darling.

10. Large Hand Woven Mayan Hammock ($70): Saddle up to this color explosion, perhaps while dipping your toes in a pond?

What summer adventures are on the horizon for you? Talk to us in the comments below!