There’s something so relaxing about letting your feet dangle. While this type of perching is usually reserved for the pool or the pier and a cool glass of lemonade (or limoncello!), you can bring it back home with these 20 hanging chairs. Floating thrones combine the gentle sway of a hammock or rocking chair with a modern flair that’s sure to perk up any deck or sunroom.

1. Rihn Patio Hanging Chair ($146): Hand-woven rattan makes up the frame of this bulbus chair. Its clever arched center prevents knocked noggins.

2. Marrakech Swing Chair ($199): This hearty bamboo cradle is wrapped in colorful cotton. We love how the mix of color and texture gives this chair a funky element of surprise.

3. PS Svinga Seat ($70): With a body-conscious shape and bold color, this hanging chair will gently rock you into dreamland. Add a patterned pillow to make it even comfier.

4. Amazonas Brazil Hanging Chair ($75): Quadruple stitched to guarantee support, this woven hammock is sure to make you forget your worries. So just sink yourself into ink into this striped blanket.

5. Skyline Fabio Hanging Chair (roughly $3,545): This fabulous black bucket comes lined with waterproof pillows so the luxury can last in nearly any weather. When you’re not lounging inside, it can double as a high-end cornhole toss!

6. Ovis Hanging Chair ($1,795): This hanging chair is elegantly constructed with a mix of Navajo wool and polished brass. A pebble-shaped pillow and untangled tassels give this chair a very natural feel.

7. Knotted Melati Hanging Chair ($498): Braided macrame in blue or brown creates a beautiful web pattern on this hanging chair. Rows of starry “dream catchers” are a delightful detail.

8. Hanging Rattan Chair ($450): Loosely woven rows of rattan make this hanging one-seater feel open and roomy. This chair would look so cute in a nursery or children’s playroom.

9. Dual Outdoor Wicker Swing ($525): Tired of swinging solo? Nuzzle up to your partner in this hanging chair built for two. We can’t think of a better place to watch the sunset!

10. Brazilian Hammock Chair ($100): Now you don’t need to plant a palm tree in your backyard to give it a tropical vibe. Let festive fringe tickle your toes in this slouchy hammock. Cue the piña coladas!

11. Swingasan Peacock ($300): Feel like a regal beauty in this ornate hanging chair. A curved canopy keeps things breezy whether you’re sitting outdoors or lounging in your sunroom.

12. Designer Modern Ring ($799): Talk about a bling ring! A stainless steel base makes this perfect circle super sleek.

13. Hanging Bubble Chair ($631): We love that you can elevate this ultra mod bubble chair from its retro roots. Just hang the seat in a room with warm colors or natural elements like wood or stone to keep it contemporary.

14. Cacoon Tent (roughly $387): Turn your backyard into a colorful summer camp with these floating tents. The Cacoon’s cloth walls are a choice place for a shadow puppet show.

15. Oak Macrame Woven Hammock Chair ($150): We imagine that the shape of this chair is less conducive to tranquil rest and more about the fun of swinging. This would be an awesome way to careen into a fresh pile of fall leaves!

16. Urban Balance Sphere Rattan ($1,107): One glimpse of this pillowed pod and the shoes come straight off. You know what that means – a quiet, peaceful night at home!

17. Swingasan Daisy ($300): We’re half crazy over our love for this daisy! Two drink holders at the ends of each armrest make it pool party ready.

18. Algoma Hanging Cotton Rope Hammock ($30): Keep it simple with this traditional hammock chair. Chunky fisherman’s knots and a braided rope give it a nautical feel perfect for your lake house patio.

19. Nulin Patio Hanging Chair ($410): Feel snug as a bug in this modern hive. We love the wood-colored finish, especially the ombre trim.

20. Swingasan Circles ($300): Brightly colored circles create a cheery bonnet for this hanging chair. Stare up into the sky and sway away!

Where would you mount a hanging chair? Outdoors or indoors? Tell us in the comments below!