Interesting things happen when simple tech meets nostalgic foods — like these ’90s nostalgia recipes or this simple LEGOs Chicken McNuggets dispenser that took the Internet by storm a little while back. There are few things more nostalgic than a McDonald’s Happy Meal, but too often, those iconic little cardboard boxes get discarded as soon as the food + the toy is unpacked. But not if McDonald’s in Sweden has any say in the matter. It has big plans for the little red cardboard box, and it’s merging food and tech in a totally innovative new way.


If you order a Happy Meal in Sweden, you’re also ordering a pair of Happy Goggles, “a unique VR viewer made from an ordinary Happy Meal box.” Yep, you read that right. For just $4.10, kids (or adults too, no judgment!) in Sweden can turn their Happy Meal box into a virtual reality viewer. The idea was dreamed up by DBB Stockholm, an advertising agency, and is currently being piloted in Sweden — but according to their site, they “hope to be able to roll it out in your country soon.” Who knows? You could be ordering your own Happy Goggles in the near future.

All you have to do is punch out the perforated eye + nose holes, do a little folding, insert the lens box and your smartphone and voilà! You can enjoy all your VR content to your heart’s, er, content.

Check out the full video below.

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(Photos via DBB Stockholm/McDonald’s Sveridge)