It all started nearly 20 years ago, when baby Harry Potter was left bundled up on his aunt’s doorstep. Just think — one orphan boy inspired countless wizard-themed parties, numerous bewitching cocktail recipes, endless Harry Potter home essentials and fanciful Halloween costumes, not to mention the various Harry Potter-inspired baby names. Just because you’re a muggle living in a realm where magic is nonexistent doesn’t mean your new fur baby has to endure the struggle of non-magic folk. Luckily, Harry’s world is vast, with characters of all shapes, sizes and breeds. Finding the right name on this list of pet-friendly Potter-related names is easier than saying “Expecto Patronum.”


1. Azkaban: If Azkaban rings a bell, let’s hope it’s because you recall reading about the notorious wizard prison, not because you’ve been there. Azkaban could totally be an enchanting name for a pup that had a ruff start in life but is now getting back on the straight and narrow. Kind of like Sirius Black, a former Azkaban inmate. And with Halloween coming up, why not have your dog dress the part? Try this Henry and Co Pets Harry Potter Dog Costume ($50).

2. Bartemius/Barty: Barty is a great name for the rowdy puppy in your life. As he ages, perhaps he’ll want to go by his full name, Bartemius. He is named after the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Bartemius Crouch — or his Death Eater son, Barty Crouch, Jr.

3. Beedle: The Tales of Beedle the Bard is an old book of stories for wizard children — and for avid Harry Potter readers, one major clue in finding the Deathly Hallows in the seventh book. In your pet’s case, doesn’t Beedle the beagle have the cutest ring?

4. Crookshanks: Remember Hermione’s devious yet smart-as-a-whip ginger cat, Crookshanks? His behavior toward Ron’s rat Scabbers almost cost these two their friendship in the third HP book. If you happen to find yourself adopting a wee kitty who resembles a hairy pumpkin, do yourself a favor and call him or her Crookshanks.

5. Diagon: Flashback to the special knock that Hagrid gave on the brick wall that magically disappeared, revealing a wizard shopping district called Diagon Alley. It would be a dream afternoon, shopping at Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes and banking at Gringotts, but it’s probably not realistic. Unless you name your new French bulldog Diagon… please?

6. Dobby: All hail Dobby, the freed house elf who was a loyal friend to Harry until the very (tragic) end. Dobby is the cutest Harry Potter-inspired name for your new pet, especially if they’re a bat-eared chihuahua. Just watch out — Dobby might like to chew on socks.

7. Errol: Poor Errol the old, slightly blind, slightly batty owl. Errol was once Percy Weasley’s school owl but was then passed down to Ron. Elder dogs and cats need homes and lots of love too. Errol just might be the go-to name for your new senior pet.

8. Fleur: You recall Fleur Delacour, don’t you? Let’s just say this: If you’re adopting a poodle or a bichon frise, do yourself a favor and name her Fleur.

9. Fawkes: Fawkes is a noble name for a noble breed of dog, like a golden retriever. Fawkes was the beautiful phoenix that belonged to Albus Dumbledore and subsequently came to Harry’s aid on several occasions. A dog is a loyal, lifelong friend — better give him a deserving name.

10. Ghost: Ghost, sit! Ghost, stay. Can’t you hear it now? Not only will your dog have the most appropriate name all through the Halloween season, but you’ll always have a friendly companion lurking under the kitchen table searching for forgotten crumbs.

11. Hedwig: Hedwig is a no-brainer Harry Potter pet name suitable for cats, dogs, hamsters or, yes, snowy white owls. Wouldn’t a pet owl be cool? Sigh.

12. Kingsley: Kingsley Shacklebolt was a powerful Auror called upon to help keep Harry and his friends safe. So if you want to instill some power in your tiny lapdog, then Kingsley is the name.

13. Lily: Lily Potter just may be one of the Potter world’s most beloved characters. Lily is the name of Harry’s slain mother, as well as of his daughter. If you love your new sweetie more than anything, why not name her Lily?

14. Nagini: Nagini is a slithery name perfect for a black cat that has crossed your path. Yes, Nagini was the serpent of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, killed by the awesome Neville Longbottom (now *that’s* a good name for a ferret).

15. Quibbler: The Quibbler is that goofy magazine run by Luna Lovegood’s father, Xenophilius Lovegood. Some puppies are a little silly, a little goofy and just plain quirky. And if your pooch is *really* odd, there’s always Xenophilius.

16. Trevor: Trevor was the toad who was always giving lonesome Neville the slip. Hopefully, your pet won’t be as naughty…

17. Weasley: This list wouldn’t be complete without a nod to the Weasley family. Remind yourself of Ron, Ginny, Fred, George and the gang every time you call your Irish setter or orange tabby.

Yay, this list of Potter World-inspired pet names is off to a brilliant start. Have any more Harry Potter-inspired names that we missed? Tweet us @BritandCo and let us know!

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