We’ve had our wands at the ready ever since JK Rowling announced that the eighth Harry Potter book will be coming out on July 31. After immediately re-reading the 4,224 magical pages of the original Harry Potter series in preparation for young Albus’s new adventure, we’ve come to the decision that it’s time to de-muggle our entire lives. From stocking the kitchen with Yule Ball treats to planning our vacation to the amazing Harry Potter-inspired hotel in London, we’ll be Hogwarts material before you can say leviosa. But before we get our acceptance letters in the mail, we’re decking out our homes in our 11 favorite wizardly finds.

Luna Lovegood Pillow

1. Lumos Nox Potterhead Luna Throw Pillow ($21): Aren’t wrackspurts just the worst? Keep your living room (and brain) free from unwanted pests with this colorful one-of-a-kind Luna Lovegood-inspired throw pillow case from Lumos Nox.

Hogwarts Throw Blanket

2. Cécile Pellerin Hogwarts Throw ($49+): No matter which house the sorting hat places you in, anyone can cozy up by the dormitory fire with this plush throw oozing with Hogwarts pride.

Platform Wall Clock

3. Raeuberstochter Platform 9 3/4 Wall Clock ($34): Just like the clock at the Burrows, which replaces hours with where you’re supposed to be ATM, this graphic wall clock will remind you that you should really start packing for the train to Hogwarts already.

The Grim Mug

4. Wizard Crafts Online Handcrafted Harry Potter ‘The Grim’ Mug ($20): Hand-crafted in the United Kingdom, this divination mug will get you in Sybill Trelawney’s good books in no time.


5. Top Cookie More Harry Potter Cookie Cutter ($10): Perfect for a HP reading party, this eco-friendly cookie cutter would definitely be advertised in the Daily Prophet.

Source of Magic Art Print

6. Risa Rodil Source of Magic Art Print ($18): The Potterhead writer in your life will love this gorgeous typography Dumbledore quote print by designer Risa Rodil.

Ron Weasley Sweater Pillow

7. Designs by AND Weasley Sweater Letter R Throw Pillow ($22): When Molly Weasley makes you a sweater, you wear the sweater. Period. Bring a little piece of the Burrow into your home with this Christmas present-turned-delightful throw pillow.

I Work Out Tote

8. Human I Work Out Tote ($29): Let’s be honest — moving stairs sound like a pain in the butt. Stash your workout gear in this sassy tote for maximum fandom high-fives on your way to the gym.

Harry Potter Flask

9. Drinking Buddy Felix Felicis Potion Flask ($20+): The ultimate Harry Potter pun, this flask will hold all of the liquid luck you can handle. Please enjoy responsibly.

Harry Potter Rolling Pin

10. Cut 4 You Harry Potter Rolling Pin ($35): Pies, cookies, tarts — whatever you make with this laser cut rolling pin will definitely have a touch of magic in it.

Swish and Flick Print

11. Lemon Drops Designs Downloadable Swish and Flick Print ($5): Whether levitation is your fave class or your most-hated boggart, this gorgeously designed print will remind you that practice makes perfect.

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