Some not-so-fun things about winter: freezing noses, snowstorms and sky-high electric bills. One oh-so-fun thing about winter: all the headwear options. Whether you鈥檙e strictly a beanie supporter or trying out felt-blocked lids, there are so many ways to keep that noggin warm during the chilly months. But as much as we love the head accessory, we really hate hat hair. But not to worry folks; if you need to get rid of that flattened, tangled mess these 12 products will do just the trick.

1. DevaCurl Detangling Spray ($20): If it鈥檚 been a rough, windy winter day, tangles are pretty much inevitable. The first step to a quick hair makeover is getting rid of those pesky knots. With a few spritzes of this spray, which is a blend of mint, chamomile, hops, lemongrass, rosemary and yarrow, you鈥檒l be able to get rid of tangles using just your fingers.

2. Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray ($26): If it鈥檚 been raining or snowing and you鈥檝e got that kinda, sorta half-wave going on, take off your hat, flip you hair over, give it a good shake and then spritz Bumble and Bumble鈥檚 beach wave spray around your head to help create an all-over loose and natural wave.

3. DIY Turban Headband: If your 鈥榙o is simply unsalvageable, pop on a turban head wrap and call it a day. Wrap your hair up in a bun or do like our Beauty Guru Misty did and roll the hair into the wrap to create a Gibson Girl kind of bun. (via Brit + Co)

4. Bamboo Toothbrush ($12): For those pesky flyaways, use a toothbrush and a bit of hairspray to comb and keep them tamed. Those free brushes you get from the dentist will work just fine, or keep your toothbrush stylish with this one made from bamboo.

5. Battery Operated Hot Air Brush ($40): Hats are notorious for leaving hair totally flat. If that鈥檚 the case, use this battery-operated hot air brush in the bathroom or car for a quick, 10-minute blowout. If you have never seen one of these before, it鈥檚 basically like a blow dryer and round brush all in one. Genius.

6. Goody Spin Pin ($4-6): In case you haven鈥檛 seen the infomercials: This tool cleverly keeps a bun firmly in place. To transform hat hair into an updo, pull hair up into a bun and screw both of these into it. That鈥檚 it!

7. Do It Up Holiday Hair Kit ($20): Headed to a party? Keep this sparkly survival kit tucked away in your bag. It comes with a comb, red, gold and black hair ties, sparkly gold hair pins and bobby pins.

8. Thickening Dryspun Finish ($16): Falling somewhere in between a hairspray and a volumizer, this Bumble and Bumble spray is perfect for refreshing styles that have lost their oomph due to humidity (or straight up gravity). Spray liberally at roots, then ruffle with hands for instant fullness that holds.

9. Conair Mini Pro Curling Iron ($17): If you鈥檙e looking for a serious hair makeover, keep this miniature, battery-operated curling iron in your bag and slip into the restroom to create a runway look on the go.

10. Living Proof Texture Volumizer ($24): If your hair has been put through the ringer, a 鈥渄isheveled chic鈥 kind of look is probably your most viable option. Rub a dime-size amount evenly between hands and apply to underneath sections of hair, lifting hair as you work it in. You鈥檒l end up with amplified volume and flexible hold for a perfectly imperfect look.

11. Tangle Teezer ($20): This ultimate brush for tough tangles is also travel friendly. The uniquely designed teeth flex and flick as they glide through hair, minimizing breakage, splitting and damage. It also comes with a case that covers the bristles so it doesn鈥檛 end up catching all the dust bunnies in the bottom of your bag.

12. Hair Styling Sheets ($15): Sheets for your hair? It鈥檚 a thing. A day out in the cold can do some serious damage to your ends. Rub these sheets 鈥 infused with wild orchid extract and natural plant aroma 鈥 along your ends to rejuvenate, calm frizz and add shine.

Do you have any tips to quickly fix hat hair? If so, share your secrets in the comments below.