If you can’t tell, Instagram is our jam. From pictures of colorful day-to-days to detailed nail art and fashion-forward feeds, we love sharing all things square-sized and inspirational. And that’s especially true for the talented designers rockin’ their well-composed snapshots on the ‘gram. So, if you enjoy being inspired on the daily by awesome graphics and bright pics, we suggest you give these 20 users (and makers!) a follow. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

1. Design Love Fest: As an awesome Los Angeles-based graphic designer turned creative director and blogger-extraordinare, Bri shares bright snapshots of her international travels, laid-back home life, airy studio and colorful nail art. (via @designlovefest)

2. Chelsea Brink: This Minnesotan turned Long Beach, CA resident, is a freelance designer who has worked for the likes of UCLA and Cheerios. Her design eye is not lost on her Instagram feed, where she shares her love of patterns, pups and bright pops of color. (via @chelseabrink)

3. Jessica Comingore: Another designer based out out of L.A., Jessica is also a photographer and blogger who has worked with awesome brands like Kinfolk and Warby Parker. Her style of “quiet elegance” translates to her Instagram through paired down interiors and thoughtful landscape snapshots. (via @jessicacomingorestudio)

4. Imaginary Keri: This Hawaii native and twenty-something freelance designer is always on the move and scatters her bright designs throughout her envy-worthy travel photos (think: Free People). (via @imaginarykeri)

5. Savannah Maiedae: Blogger and co-owner of the graphic design shop Maiedae, this hard-to-miss redhead posts happy photos from her everyday life as a mom, make-up enthusiast and entrepreneur. (via @savannahmaiedae)

6. Oh Joy: Joy is a graphic designer turned major blogger turned author turned creative director turned designer for Target. She’s also a mom of one (with another one on the way) and somehow finds time to sprinkle her Instagram feed with neon colors, parties and snapshots of her little girl, Ruby. (via @ohjoy)

7. The Weaver House: These Portland-based, twin sisters co-own their own photography and design studio and gravitate toward capturing organic environments and personalities. They also have a not-so-secret penchant for fashion and vintage pieces, some of which can be found in their shop. (via @theweaverhouse)

8. Kccesiro: Kristen is a web designer at Gilt (how stylish is that?) and snaps perfect compositions of clean, beautiful interiors and the city she calls home: The Big Apple. (via @kccesiro)

9. Asia Pietrzyk: This Stockoholm-based designer and illustrator shares peeks of her day-to-day, as well as her colorful geometric designs. When she’s not curating her gorgeous Instagram, she’s curating her site Instamissimo, where she creates designs based off users’ photos. (via @asiapietrzyk)

10. Grown-Up Shoes: Ana is a self-taught designer (talk about inspirational!), blogger and stylist rockin’ it in Austin, TX. If you love aerial views of food and slightly desaturated colors, Ana’s account was made for you. (via @grownupshoes)

11. Olivia Thebaut: Olivia is a french art director and designer who shares minimal pictures of her travels and home life — images that are always splattered with pastels. (via @oliviathebaut)

12. Jessica Hische: As a San Francisco transplant, Jessica snaps quirky ‘grams which give a behind-the-scenes look into the life of a young, but extremely accomplished, designer, letterer and public speaker. She’s also worked with The Washington Post, The United States Postal Service and Wes Anderson. (via @jessicahische)

13. Mark Weaver: As a New York-based art director and designer, Mark clearly has experience capturing perfectly intriguing photos. From little deer to infant children, scrolling through this designer’s feed is like walking through a beautiful art gallery you don’t want to leave. (via @markweaver)

14. Mary Kate Mcdevitt: Author of The Hand Letter Ledger, Mary Kate is a freelance graphic designer and hand lettering superstar who makes words look really, really pretty. She also blogs and crafts in her (probably limited) spare time. (via @marykatemcdevitt)

15. Brenton Clarke: This drum-playing, music-loving designer uses Instagram to showcase his well-composed, magical landscapes. The pictures are so beautiful, we don’t blame you if you snag a print from his Society6 shop or head over to his portfolio for even more inspiration. (via @Brenton_Clarke)

16. Riley Cran: Riley is more than a packaging, identity and illustration design expert. He’s an expert at finding (and capturing) beautiful letters in everyday life. (via @RileyCran)

17. Will Bryant: Will’s quirky, eclectic feed will have you smiling at first follow. He favors fun, humor and positivity, which are perfectly captured in the abstract patterns, vibrant colors and happy plates he shares on his account. (via @WillBryantPlz)

18. Daily Dishonesty: Brainchild of Chicago-based designer Lauren Hom, Daily Dishonesty is more than an Instagram account that showcases the pretty little lies we tell ourselves. It’s a blog and soon-to-be-published book. (via @dailydishonesty)

19. No Pattern: As a self-taught designer and artist, Chuck started creating at a young age and now counts Nike, Bloomberg Businessweek and Kaskade as past clients. If you miss Lisa Frank and wish you could eat the rainbow, you’ll want to live in Chuck’s world. (via @nopattern)

20. Hey SP: A San Francisco-based freelance photographer, designer and cool crafty girl, Sarah is a self-proclaimed tinkerer whose photos will inspire you to get out your art supplies and play. (via @heysp)

Who are your favorite graphic designers? Share your favorites below!