We’re all about starting our day off on the right foot. There are a few essentials that we do every morning to maximize our feel-good vibes and productivity all day. We recently shared Karena’s morning routine that you can check out HERE. Put simply, we focus on getting our bodies moving, nourished, and centered. This power trio helps prepare you for the rest of the day while starting yourself off on a healthy, happy note!



Your morning workout can help boost your brain power the rest of the day. A 2014 study found that exercise increases levels of BDNF (a type of brain “growth hormone”) to keep you sharp so that you’ll ace that exam or work project. We fit our workout in first thing in the morning, which also boosts your metabolism all day long. Brain power and a toned tummy?! Sign us up!

Our faves right now are total body workouts like THESE. They work multiple muscle groups at once, which tones your bod and raises metabolism even more!


This is a great word: nourish. It’s more than giving your body basic fuel and energy. It’s giving your body the nutrients to take care of yourself. Giving your bod the nourishment it needs is a form of self-love. It’s about respecting yourself and providing the food that will allow your body to thrive.

That’s why we always start our day off with a smoothie 30 minutes post-workout. We use organic, non-GMO Perfect Fit Protein for some plant-based super powers. Not only does it provide 15g of protein that your muscles need after a tough workout, but it’s also made with simple, organic ingredients that your body recognizes as real food.

We love mixing and matching to create our fave combo. Use our go-to guide for making the perfect smoothie HERE!



Set your intention with meditation. It helps focus your day and makes you feel more centered. We like to sit in a quiet space after breakfast for some “me time” and meditation. The practice decreases cortisol levels, which in turn helps decrease blood glucose levels associated with fat retention. Plus, meditation helps you stay connected with yourself so that you know exactly what you want out of the day.

Create a space free from distractions or go outside! It’s as simple as closing your eyes for a few minutes and focusing on breathing. If meditation isn’t your thing, try journaling your intentions for the day.

For tips on meditation, head over HERE!

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