We're Still Not Over These Heartbreaking TV Deaths

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Drama, love interests, laughter 鈥 these are all good reasons to fall in love with a TV show, but what鈥檚 a good plot point without a compelling character behind it? While we're all about that binge-watch life, sometimes, sadly, getting invested in a show also comes with the heartbreak of a beloved character鈥檚 death. It can leave us shocked, betrayed, heartbroken, and in some cases, unable to move on. Here are some iconic TV deaths we're *still* not over. (Spoiler alert, obviously, even though it's been months 鈥 and in most cases, years 鈥 since these characters left us.) (Photos via Curtis Baker/Netflix + Mark Levine/ABC via Getty Images + Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images + Heather Wines/CBS)

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