Though we were totally excited by the major clue we got yesterday regarding a possible Destiny鈥檚 Child reunion, the fact that Beyonc茅 and the ladies were doing their own version of the #MannequinChallenge certainly didn鈥檛 escape our notice. The latest silly bit of fun to sweep the internet is pretty self-explanatory: Set up a scene where you and your friends are totally, completely still, just like mannequins. Everyone seems to be getting in on the action, but we鈥檝e collected some of the best, weirdest and most mind-blowing #MannequinChallenge videos for you below.

Started by a group of high school students, according to Mashable (see video above), the craze took off immediately.

First, it was other teens trying it out (and nailing it HARD)鈥

Then, pretty much everyone wanted in on the (non-)action鈥

Thought pole dancing was difficult? Try holding these positions鈥

Of course, there was no way Ellen was going to miss out (mid-air ping pong ball, FTW!)鈥


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Although take that a step further and you get鈥

Adele and her team decided to go back in time while simultaneously keeping it standing still, posing in a Western saloon鈥

Mannequin challenge

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DWTS added an unexpected (yet totally on-brand) twist to their vid鈥

Professional sports teams froze time while traveling鈥

鈥nd get dressed (oh my!)鈥

Though apparently not everyone got the memo (check out the confused peeps wandering in the background! lol!)鈥

Even restaurants full of patrons are trying it out (you gotta watch this one all the way through because whaaa?!)鈥

And don鈥檛 think our animal friends are missing out鈥

Even Hillary Clinton and her staff got in on the fun (with an added political message, natch)鈥

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