Granted, fans tend to lose their sh*t over Beyoncé’s every (awesome) step, but her latest move — to participate in the viral #MannequinChallenge (i.e. where you and your friends freeze, mannequin-like, in various situations) — is more amazing than we could have imagined. Why is that, you ask? Well, Bey isn’t alone. In fact, she’s posing perfectly still with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. That’s right, the ladies are back together again giving us a giant clue that a Destiny’s Child reunion could be happening any day now.

In the quick clip posted to Twitter by Bey Legion, we see the ladies looking as adorable as ever, both Michelle and Kelly in jeans and black tops, with Beyoncé in the middle slaying a gorgeous, frilly red dress. Appearing to be in a playroom of some sort, the three are engaged in a little (still-life) fun, though Kelly looks like she’s about to get pretty fierce.

Though we totally love this (partially paused) glimpse at the three, we can’t wait to see ‘em on stage together again… perhaps with new music to celebrate their 20th anniversary? They did just launch a new Instagram account, after all, which seems to signal that something is up.

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(h/t Love B Scott)