Here’s How 26 Celebs Paid Tribute to Their Furry BFFs on National Dog Day
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Here’s How 26 Celebs Paid Tribute to Their Furry BFFs on National Dog Day

In case you haven’t heard, it’s National Dog Day (we’ve been scrolling through adorable pups via Instagram all day) — the one time of year that our furry BFFs get the credit (and the gifts!) they deserve for simply existing and making our existence better in the process. They’re making the lives of the rich and famous better too, providing them with plenty of the one thing that all the fame and money in the world can’t buy: LOVE. Check out their (often hilarious, though in some cases sad) odes to their four-legged companions below.

1. Kate Upton: Kate took the day as a very positive PSA opportunity, posting this sweet shot from an adoption event, as well as one of her with own love, Harley.

2. Amanda Seyfried: A newly brunette, short-haired Amanda (is that a wig?!) posted this shot with a jolly pal.

3. Beverley Mitchell: Beverley gave a nod to 7th Heaven’s 20th anniversary by posting a throwback shot of Happy, saying, “Missing this sweet dog! We love you Happy!”

4. Beth Behrs: Newly engaged Beth Behrs’s pooch didn’t get the memo about the celebration in its honor. “It’s #nationaldogday?” she writes. “I call it national side-eye day.”

5. Ruby Rose: Ruby loves her dogs so much, she has royal paintings of their likenesses, which they naturally posed next to. “Loved my prized possessions. And my dogs,” she joked.

6. Candice Swanepoel: Candice’s puppies melted our hearts with this seriously sweet video of them begging to play.

7. Sophia Bush: Like Zac Efron, Sophia Bush lost her best furry friend just before the holiday celebrating his life. “I said goodbye to my best friend yesterday. I don’t quite have the words yet, but the condolences are coming in fast as the word has spread. Thank you everyone who loved Patch, and is sending that love my way. He changed a lot of lives, truly. I watched this dog soothe people, heal people, help people and make people laugh, squeal and grin with happiness. He was one in a million. Yesterday my loved ones and I made sure to give him #PatchesVeryBestDay. And today being #NationalDogDay feels like such a sweet coincidence. I think he’d like that. Thank you P. You are so missed.”

8. Lacey Chabert: Like a true Mean Girl pup, Lacey Chabert’s dog Kitty was “super annoyed that I would post a pic that was taken at such an unflattering angle of her on #nationaldogday,” but it had to be done: too cute.

9. Rumer Willis: Zhuzu was the chosen Instagram representative for Rumer Willis’s “one of five.”

10. Charlize Theron: “My boys! I think they know it’s their day…” Charlize wrote. It would certainly appear so!

11. Selma Blair: Selma posted this adorbs pic of her pup playing in the grass with her son, writing,“His white shadow. Our girl, DUCKY.”

12. Sarah Silverman: Sarah’s pooch Mary got snazzed up for the occasion with a bath!

13. Ryan Seacrest: “Someone is getting extra spoiled for #NationalDogDay…Love you Georgia,” Ryan wrote to his furball.

14. Adriana Lima: Okay, how cute are Adriana Lima’s nuggets, Daisy and Minnie Lima, with their matching pink bows?

15. Jenny Slate: Jenny Slate’s pup is giving Grumpy Cat a run for his money in this shot captioned “Earth’s oldest grump.”

16. Gina Rodriguez: Gina’s dog got a Snapchat makeover for his holiday. “Me and the man Casper San,” she said.

17. Candace Cameron Bure: “Boris, are you a vegetarian?” Candace teased her rot pup.

18. Krysten Ritter: Admittedly our favorite celeb dog of the bunch, Krysten’s Mikey warms our hearts on the daily, but today she fully acknowledged him as her “best friend.”

19. Uzo Aduba: Uzo celebrated her first #NationalDogDay with Mr. Fenway Bark, saying, “I love him so.”

20. Mischa Barton: Misha posted a too-cute pic of “Iggy Stardust” taking a snooze.

21. Lori Loughlin: Lori’s dog Bianca got some extra snuggles today, as is only right.

22. Bella Thorne: Bella played around with her pal, quoting M.M., who said, “Dogs never bite me. Just humans.”

23. Olivia Munn: Olivia’s dogs blend right into the rug, but that’s because they’re super smart: “Chance is already doing math on the abacus and Frankie just got certified as a yoga instructor,” she writes of her adopted children.

24. Carrie Underwood: Carrie’s little babes showed off their different personalities, both posing and shying away from the camera with their toys.

25. Lo Bosworth: Lo’s boy showed off her goofy grin for the camera.

26. Raven Symone: …and last but not least is Raven Symone’s adorable stunt pup, who made us smile with some killer chair antics. “Going into the weekend like… #heywhatsup,” Raven chided.

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