Call us dog-obsessed, but nothing says National Dog Day like a Great Dane wearing a tutu, a Goldendoodle tucked into bed with a sleeping mask or a Pug dressed up in a sundae costume. And with all the Instagram accounts dedicated to their lives, these man’s girl’s best friends make celebrating our fave furry friends that much better. That’s why we’ve found 23 photos of adorable Insta dogs to double tap the day away. Scroll through to see these cute pooches — we’re sure your day will get 10 times better.

1. @willowbean_thedane: This Great Dane has her priorities straight. Her motto: A girl always needs at least one fun tutu for all the parties she’s invited to!

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2. @bonjourbrie: This fun-loving Boston Terrier is one of our adorable office pups. You can catch this pup traveling, flaunting costumes and hanging out with her dads.

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Sir! Bring back that biscuit!

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3. @sirottiswellington: You should definitely follow this pooch. Sir Otis Wellington, “Otie” to most, is an English Bulldog/Beagle mix who lives in CA. Follow his adventures in San Francisco.

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Taking modeling classes (photo by @sophiegamand)

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4. @marniethedog: This pup knows how to strike a pose! You’ve probably heard of this Shit Tzu — he’s been seen taking selfies with the likes of Seth Rogan and Selena Gomez. This celeb pup is a must follow!

5. @yorkie_zoe: You can celebrate your independence with this cute Yorkie, because her birthday is on the Fourth of July. ‘Merica.

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Sweet summertime ☀️

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6. @hollyupnorth: This account has two cute Merle Aussies that reside in Minnesota. They never stop exploring and are full of joy.

7. @thiswildidea: Follow this pup and her dad on some crazy adventures and household shenanigans.

8. @tuskthedog: Tusk has one tooth and one very cute tongue. She’s a rescue that has over 61k followers. Talk about a new look on life!

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Pillow pets.

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9. @dailydougie: Dougie the Shit Tzu is a fluffy bundle of fun. You can catch him hanging around the house and snuggling with his Pluto pillow pet.

10. @samsonthedood: Samson the Golden Doodle is originally from Ontario, Canada but has since moved to Brooklyn, New York. Follow this pampered pooch for adorable photos and PJs.

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11. @jiffpom: This pup has the most followers (2.1 million to be exact) compared to any pooch on this list. And clearly you can see why: He’s a puff ball of cuteness.

12. @tunameltsmyheart: You can’t help but smile at Tuna’s sweet face — this Chiweenie is seriously adorable! If you could use a little bit of laughter, you’ve come to the right page!

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I used my allowance to buy this new necktie. #GoTeamUSA

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13. @norbertthedog: Welcome to the Norberthood. He’s a 3lb therapy dog, author and a proud volunteer at Children’s Hospital LA. Did we mention he also gives pretty good high-fives?

14. @digbyvanwinkle: This account showcases the lives of Digby and Aloysius Van Winkle: super cute Griffons from Wellington, New Zealand.

15. @loki_the_wolfdog: Loki has been breaking hearts since 2012. Set sail on an adventure with this Husky, Wolf and Malamute mix. He’s the calm, cool and collected fur ball you need.

16. @crusoe_dachshund: Look deep into the eyes of this adorable Dachshund, Crusoe. He’s been seen on GMA, GoPro and Mashable! WOW.

17. @tibbythecorgi: When you’re on a diet and your friend eats ice cream in front of you, Tibby will help you maintain willpower. Tibby is half lion, half corgi and a pinch of bunny.

18. @ps.ny: A coconut parfait on a hot summer day is always a good idea. Follow this food-loving pooch, Cookie, ASAP!

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Just being a boss. -Parker #tbt

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19. @parkerthelabradoodle: Parker dresses nicer than we do sometimes! This Mini Australian Labradoodle has style, class and sophistication.

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"Stressed is desserts spelled backwards" -Doug

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20. @itsdougthepug: Doug is the king of pop culture and he loves his desserts. Join Doug and his two million friends by following him right now!

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It's not me that it? #skunk

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21. @manny_the_frenchie: Manny is a five-year-old philanthropist French Bulldog from Chicago who loves to make new friends and give back to charity.

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Saturday afternoon feelz

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22. @myregalbeagle: Sid is a regal beagle from Texas. He’s super silly and loves to go on fun adventures with his owners.

23. @barkeysircharles: Sir Charles Barkley is a French Bulldog who came into this world in 2012. He loves to smile and ride his skateboard.

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