Watching vlogger Cristine of Simply Nailogical apply 116 layers of nail polish was mesmerizing AF — and kinda freakish in the end. Which, of course, is why someone else has decided to conquer a similar feat, but this time, with liquid lipstick. Inspired by Cristine’s odd-yet-epic beauty challenge, YouTuber Cerise 1307, grabbed her collection of liquid lipsticks and, ignoring the well-being of her poor applicators (seriously, if you’re a neat-freak, it’ll drive you nuts) she applies layer after layer… after layer.

liquid lippie

White, red, green, pink, blue, black, nude-ish and other Jeffree Star quick-drying colors are coated onto Cerise’s lips one at a time. It’s almost impossible to watch without wanting to give your own lips a good wipe with a cleansing cloth.

Regularly pausing to give viewers updates — as well as rub smudges off her teeth — Cerise declares at the halfway mark that the results thus far are “disgusting,” but keeps going. The entire process takes quite a while to accomplish, which is why we’re thankful she speeds things up in the video.

In the end it’s, well, a pasty, icky, crusty, crumbling (dare we say it?) mess. Watch for yourself and see what you think about this over-the-top makeup application.

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(h/t Refinery 29; Photo via B+C)