What a time to be alive. We’ve got access to things we never even knew we needed: 3D-printed everything, self-cooling baby blankets and even digital rings to help us pay for things without a credit card. And now, for the early tech adopters among us, our four-legged friends can get in on some of that sweet digital action too. The makers of a new pet product called Buddy are calling their creation “the dog collar, reimagined,” and they’re not kidding. This isn’t like any accessory Fido’s ever worn before.


Ever wonder exactly what that adorable monster does with his time when you’re not around? Well, you can soon find out more than you ever wanted to know. A fitness app, boundary sensor, safety light and health monitor all in one, Buddy uses a host of hardware- and software-enabled magic tricks to keep dog owners completely up to the minute on every aspect of their pup’s well-being. GPS tracking lets you know when your furry pal has ventured too far from home; customizable LED RGB lighting helps keep him safe from traffic and other potential dangers in the dark; a FitBit-like feature keeps track of his calorie intake and output, steps taken and even how many minutes of sleep he’s getting.

For the most hyper-connected pet parents out there, it can also be used to locate four-legged friends nearby and schedule play dates, vet and groomer appointments and more. It operates for one to two weeks before needing to recharge via micro USB.

Buddy App

The gadget’s crowd-funding campaign has struck a chord with quite a few dog lovers. In just over two weeks, it’s reached well beyond its $100,000 goal. It takes a $180 Indiegogo donation to secure one in advance, with delivery anticipated in December 2016. While it may sound extreme to some, it’s apparently the exact peace of mind some pet owners seem to be craving. Time will tell if the collar catches on far and wide, but for now, it’s quite the topic of conversation for those of us with canine companions.


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