Next time you get an invite to a baby shower, consider investing in a baby product that not only is super useful and well-designed but also does some good in the world. Little Lotus聽is a company that got its start聽on Kickstarter聽with one heck of a baby swaddle blanket design. Founded by CEO聽Jane Chen, she worked with designer聽Bopanna Ulliyada to create an insulating baby swaddling blanket. We鈥檒l be seeing them at Re:Make this Friday (get your tickets here!) in San Francisco, where you鈥檒l be able to check out firsthand their amazing products.


The Little Lotus sleep bag uses NASA-grade technologies that releases heat when your baby鈥檚 temperature rises and draws in聽heat when the infant鈥檚 temperatures goes down. Basically, your baby will always be at the right temperature in a Little Lotus. Plus, an easy-access bottom zipper means you can slip your baby into the swaddler without waking her up. Seriously, the designers thought of everything.

Plus, the beautiful design on the blanket was created by artist Drue Kataoka. Drue decided to聽trace the palm prints of mothers and babies around the world. Using those tracings, she designed the print that鈥檚 on each sleeping bag.


Jane Chen is not only the founder of Little Lotus, but also the founder of Embrace Innovations, which she began as an MBA student at Stanford. She and her team also designed a multi-use, no electricity and affordable swaddler for newborns in third world and developing countries called the Embrace infant warmer who don鈥檛 have access to expensive incubators. In the core of the infant warmer, Jane鈥檚 team designed a wax-like material that heats up easily and hold that heat for up to eight hours. The best news is that aside from costing just a fraction of an incubator, Embrace infant warmers are reusable.

To date, these warmers聽have been to used to help and save the lives of over 150,000 babies globally, but Jane and her team aren鈥檛 prepared to stop there. They plan on reaching one million babie and you can help.聽For every Little Lotus product purchased, $25 goes towards funding an Embrace infant warmer to help babies around the world.

Every baby deserves to be warm.

Check out their video below.

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