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If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, then you might know that we ventured across the country to New York a couple weeks ago to participate in Lowe’s Deck the Halls, and Walls, and All holiday event. They asked a handful of bloggers and designers to each deck out a room for the holidays, using a combination of products from Lowe’s and clever (if we do say so ourselves!) DIY techniques.

We were given the kitchen, which in our minds is the center of all holiday celebrations. Naturally, we were pumped! To start, we had to design the kitchen from scratch, including shelves, a range, the fridge, cabinetry, a kitchen island, and all of that good stuff. It was kind of a crazy task to imagine a space we’d never seen, but we think it turned out pretty well!

1. Candy Cane Chairs: First up, you’ve gotta get your seating looking like it’s straight out of Santa’s workshop. We stocked up on a few Safavieh Fox Red Bar Stools and striped them up with white duct tape. So easy!

2. Holiday Tassel Garland: These tassel garlands have become a staple at every Brit + Co. event, and the Lowe’s Holiday Ready Home was no exception. As always, we have Studio Mucci to thank for these beautiful tassels.

3. Snowflake Serveware: Because we weren’t cooking up a whole feast, we create a Candyland-inspired scene by filling up snowflake-shaped bowls with all sorts of colorful candy. To make storage super easy, these snowflakes actually nest!

4. Cheers Marquee: Like our staple tassel garlands, we can’t do without a custom marquee. This time, we created a gold marquee that said “Cheers” so it could be used all year round. To make your own, head to this tutorial.

5. Painted Shelves: Next, we wanted to create a warm scene that we’d be welcome to having all year round. We painted the back panels of the shelves flanking our sink (part of the Arcadia Cabinet collection) with red paint to add a pop of color without going too far. Don’t those plain old white mugs look way fancier? ;)

6. Color-Dipped Vases + Gold Candle Holders: You might recognize these color-dipped vases from behind the scenes photos at Brit HQ, and the candlesticks were repurposed from our chic Halloween party! To make the vases, simply tape off part of your vase and spray paint. For the candle holders, just spray paint the whole thing!

7. Red Kitchen Gadgets: We couldn’t resist stocking up on all sorts of kitchen gadgets with a pop of red. For our holiday kitchen, must-haves are a KitchenAid Stand Mixer, Tabletop Popcorn Maker, and De’Longhi Red Espresso Machine.

8. Fresh Flowers in High Places: When we were decorating the tops of our cabinets, we knew something was missing. Add a bit of life to the top of your cabinets by putting big arrangements of branches and fresh flowers in with vases, candles, and the like.

9. 3D Printed Ornaments: Gotta get our geek points! In prepping for the Lowe’s event, our 3D printing was working 24/7 churning out over 20 custom ornaments for our tree!

10. Red and White Dishware: To make the color of your newly painted red shelves a little less intense, fill those shelves with white dishware and glasses. This will make it seem almost snow-covered! And on the other end of the spectrum, you can use red glasses, vases, and canisters to bring color to a basic white shelf.

11. Ornaments as Centerpieces: This isn’t a new trick, but we’re loving the gold and white ornaments Lowe’s has in their holiday shop.

12. Washi Countertop Accents + Washi Walls: For a temporary punch of color on your countertop, add a washi tape border along the edges of the counter. It’s easy to take off as it is to put on, and will add a bit of warmth to any counter. And to add our signature style to the enter kitchen, we lined the top of the walls in washi. Love those geometric patterns!

Of course, we’ve got some behind the scenes photos to share with you as well. It was so great to meet so many fellow DIYers, designers, and holiday enthusiasts. And putting the kitchen together in a matter of hours was quite the challenge ;)

Prepping the Kitchen: It was all hands on deck when we got to the set in Chelsea! We put the finishing touches on our marquee, trimmed the tree, candy caned our stools, and more.

DIY Wooden Wreaths: Naturally, they set up DIY stations for attendees to make their own holiday decor. Our team got pretty into the wooden wreath station ;)

HGTV’s Kitchen Cousins: Brit’s got two best friends and they happen to be cousins! Kitchen Cousins, to be specific. Head here to read all about how they got started and what they do.

All in all, the event was a huge hit, gave us about a million ideas for holiday content, and we hope to see everyone again next year! For more holiday tips and tricks from Lowe’s and the Lowe’s DIY community, be sure to follow the #holidayreadyhome hashtag on Instagram and Twitter. Happy Holi-DIY!

What are your decor traditions for the holidays? Any questions about the projects listed above? Talk to us in the comments below.

This post is a collaboration with Lowe’s.