If Zenon was actually a real person, she would be having a seriously epic beauty year. In addition to all the unicorn-themed products that have ruled 2016, stellar-inspired holographic beauty has been trending big time. Sigma’s holographic lip product has officially received cult status and prismatic nail polishes also reigned supreme. Adding to this futuristic obsession is a new product from Kat Von D that you need to swoop up ASAP. Introducing: the already famous Alchemist Holographic Palette ($32).

The holographic eyeshadow palette has been buzzing for awhile, because she and her team have been perfecting the iridescent and highly pigmented formula for a whopping SEVEN years to develop the formula. At its core, it’s an eyeshadow palette. But that’s not all it can do. Inspired by the science of alchemy, it can also add an iridescent finish to any eyeshadow or lipstick, and can also be used as a highlighter. Basically, it’s the holographic product to end all holographic products.

Kat finally got her hands on the physical product about five months ago and shared a sneak peek with her followers to get them pumped. It worked. Then she recently surprised attendees of The Makeup Show in Chicago with a glimpse of the palette, and it was announced a few weeks ago that it will finally be available starting December 18 for a VIB prelaunch and on Christmas Eve for the general public.

But wait! This morning Allure reported that the palette is already shoppable on Sephora.com. What is this sorcery?! Did it drop early? Alas, that’s not quite the case. Yes, it is viewable online… but it’s not quite shoppable. When attempting to click on the quantity drop-down menu, you’re met with a daunting “cancel” sign. Unfortunately, Christmas hasn’t come early this year. But on the upside, you now have the exact URL you need to click on when that launch date hits. We recommend making the time go by faster by memorizing all your credit card information.

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