If you love decorating your home, you love the thrill of knowing that you’re going to rework an entire house or room. But designing your space can be a scary process, and if you’re not an expert designer, you could make some major decorating mistakes. Fear not — we’re here to share five secrets for creating the perfect living space just as a designer would. After reading these expert tips and browsing Pinterest, you’ll feel like you can tackle any room head-on. Read on for the five must-know tips to revamp your space just like a designer.

1. Use Statement Furniture PIECES


Oversized Comfy Chair: Incorporating key statement pieces will vary by each person’s taste. This can be a favorite oversized chair like shown above or even an eclectic coffee table you picked up at your favorite thrift store. The right furniture pieces are more important than having an abundance of furniture. (via Something Navy)


Large Coffee Table: The statement piece above is a pure inspiration — it also makes us want to go out and find our own huge wooden coffee table. Be on the lookout for key statement pieces during your travels and at your local flea markets. (via Ideal Interiors)


Statement Couch: You can never go wrong with a great couch as your key statement piece. After all, you and your family spend most of your time in this room. It’s also the placement piece that dictates how all of your other furniture will be styled. (via Best Friends for Frosting)

2. Your Organization Should Be Beautiful + Functional


Organized Bookshelf: Make sure you rid your home of all its clutter. If you don’t love it, donate or toss it. This doesn’t mean your shelves can’t have substance. This inspo above shows us just what it means to use the most of your shelf space. (via Bliss at Home)


Styling Your Coffee Table: Another way to keep your home organized is by displaying it for the world to see. There’s no reason your books have to collect dust in a closet — put them on display on your beautiful coffee table. (via Lemon Stripes)


DIY Printable Labels: This inspiration gives us the warm fuzzies. The best and most popular way to keep your home organized is by using labels to structure everything. Labels aren’t just for the pantry. They’d also be perfect for giving order to your garage and even your bathroom. (via The Creativity Exchange)

3. Use An Updated Color Palette


Colorful Artwork: Use updated color palettes with your home accents and furniture pieces. An excellent way to do this is by adding artwork to your walls and updating your throw blankets. (via Cuckoo 4 Design)


Mixed Throw Pillows: Let’s not forget the pop of color that throw pillows can give a room. This inspiration shows us that you don’t have to choose traditional colors, patterns or textures to have a chic and modern home. (via Jacquelyn Clark)

4. Bring The Outside Indoors


Serving Up Greens: Bring the outside in by adding plants around your home. Use fresh herbs in the kitchen, add a potted plant to finish your living room and put succulents on an outdoor patio table. (via Glitter Guide)


Hanging Planters: Leafy greens will add so much life to your bedroom. Plants are great because they bring a fresh *element* and fuel your space with extra oxygen. (via Jenna Peffley / My Domaine)

5. Add Your Own Personalized Touch


Personalized Favorites: Make sure your home is uniquely curated for you and not just something you saw styled on Pinterest (or even in this post). You want your decor to be a personalized taste of your decor preference. So put your favorite books on display, buy that Kate Spade box you’ve been eyeing and try your hand with fun new DIYs. (via Lemon Stripes)


Mood Board: A fun way to add a personalized touch to your home is by putting a mood board on the wall and displaying it where everyone can see. Pin up your favorite inspirations, quotes and even fun reminders. After all, its purpose is to show off your mood and personality. (via Best Friends for Frosting)

What are your secrets for decorating your space like a designer? Follow us on Pinterest for even more decor inspo like this.