Everyone knows what the main attraction of eating a salad is. It鈥檚 not the nuts, it鈥檚 not the croutons and it鈥檚 definitely not the lettuce. It鈥檚 the addition of the perfect salad dressing recipe! Most store-bought varieties are expensive, and they鈥檙e often surprisingly unhealthy. Luckily, it鈥檚 ridiculously easy to make your own, so there鈥檚 really no excuse not to top your mason jar salad with a homemade dressing. From creamy yogurt-based cilantro-lime dressing to a tangy raspberry vinaigrette, these 18 salad dressings are ready to be drizzled.


1. Catalina Dressing: The not-so-secret ingredient in this tangy dressing? Ketchup. Don鈥檛 cringe 鈥 just try it on top of a homemade taco salad, and you鈥檒l be a convert for life. (via A Family Feast)


2. Creamy Cilantro-Lime Dressing: Greek yogurt makes this dressing ultra creamy, while cilantro, lime and garlic lend incredible flavor. You鈥檒l want to top everything with this dressing 鈥 not just salads. (via Culinary Hill)


3. Creamy Raspberry Vinaigrette: Any salad dressing that鈥檚 this shade of pink is automatically a winner. This sweet and tart vinaigrette would be perfect on a summery grilled chicken salad. Preferably eaten picnic-style, of course. (via The Roasted Root)


4. Orange Ginger Salad Dressing: The citrus and ginger zing in this salad dressing is intensely delicious. Just whip out your blender, and combine all the ingredients for a fast and easy dressing any time you need it. (via iFoodReal)


5. 5-Minute Vegan Caesar Dressing: If you鈥檝e ever made Caesar dressing from scratch, you know that it traditionally includes anchovies. They鈥檙e what gives Caesar its distinct flavor, but they鈥檙e a big no-no for vegans. The solution? Capers. They add a salty flavor similar to anchovies, but they鈥檙e vegan-friendly. (via Minimalist Baker)


6. Blackberry Tarragon Salad Dressing: If there鈥檚 one thing that will liven up a boring salad, it鈥檚 a purple salad dressing. Tart blackberries are balanced with sweet honey and a unique licorice flavor from fresh tarragon. Drizzle this on a simple salad with avocado and pepitas for a quick lunch. (via Kevin Is Cooking)


7. Greek Vinaigrette: If you have a mason jar (with a lid), then you can make this vinaigrette with no trouble at all. Just a bit of garlic, lemon juice and oregano, and you have yourself a side salad dressing that would go well with any main course. (via Little Broken)

green goddess dressing

8. Green Goddess Dressing: This dressing will be your new go-to. It鈥檚 not just for salads, either 鈥 the versatile mix of watercress, mint and basil means it鈥檚 great as a sandwich spread or veggie dip too. (via Cooking With Books)


9. Greek Yogurt Caesar Dressing: Standard Caesar Dressing is loaded with fat and calories. While it鈥檚 great as an occasional indulgence, it鈥檚 not necessarily something you want to eat for lunch every day. This dressing is perfect for when that midweek craving hits, since it substitutes Greek yogurt for eggs and most of the oil that鈥檚 in the traditional recipe. (via Gimme Some Oven)


10. Ginger and Carrot Japanese Salad Dressing: If you鈥檝e ever been to a Japanese hibachi grill, than you鈥檝e had this dressing and wondered how you can make it at home. The good news is that it鈥檚 really simple, and really good for you. (via The Tomato Tart)


11. Poppy Seed Dressing: This sweet poppy seed dressing is perfect on a spinach salad topped with tangy pomegranate and mandarin oranges. You probably already have everything you need to make this 鈥 salad for dinner tonight, perhaps? (via Love Grows Wild)


12. Homemade Ranch Dressing: Ahh鈥 ranch dressing. The one that started a love affair with salad for most people. Little did you know, homemade ranch is a thousand times better than store-bought, and it鈥檚 insanely easy to make. Your celery and carrots won鈥檛 know what hit them after you make this. (via The Honour System)


13. 5-Minute Honey Mustard Sauce: This dressing has way more to offer than a topping for salads. Sure, it鈥檚 amazing on a bed of lettuce, but it鈥檚 really going to shine as a dipper for crispy chicken fingers. (via Pinch of Yum)


14. 5-Minute Pistachio Kale Sauce: You know you鈥檙e winning at life when you鈥檙e eating a kale salad with a kale dressing on top of it! It鈥檚 kale on kale, and it鈥檚 delicious. The only other thing that would make this salad inception crazier is if you sprinkled crushed pistachios on top. Mind = Blown. (via Stacy Homemaker)


15. Raspberry Vinaigrette: This vinaigrette is loaded with raspberries. Two cups鈥 worth of frozen raspberries, to be exact. If that doesn鈥檛 get you excited to eat a salad, nothing will. The dressing can be stored in the fridge for up to a week, but it鈥檚 probably going to be gone long before then. (via The Organic Dietitian)


16. Roasted Garlic Salad Dressing: If you have an extra three (yes, three) heads of garlic lying around, then this dressing is a delicious chance to use them up. Roasting garlic is so easy, and it can be used in a multitude of different dishes 鈥 including your go-to weekday salad. (via An Edible Mosaic)


17. Skinny Chipotle-Lime Ranch: If Mexican flavors are your jam, you might want to double this recipe. This spicy and tart ranch would be amazing on a grilled chicken salad with corn, black beans and avocado. Don鈥檛 forget to add a margarita or two. (via Cooking Classy)


18. Sweet and Spicy Mango Salad Dressing: Who needs to take a trip to the Caribbean when you can make this salad dressing? Mango is blended with chiles, orange and lime for an explosion of flavor you won鈥檛 believe. Once you鈥檝e tried it on your salad, taste it with blackened salmon鈥 so good. (via The Caf茅 Sucre Farine)

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