Are you guys loving all the hot guys series popping up on Instagram? Yeah, we’re not complaining either. We were all about shirtless hotties crafting latte art, and now @hotdudeswithdogs has done it again by showing off dreamy guys with their furry best friends. The account has barely been around for two weeks, but it already boasts more than 96,000+ followers and 75+ drool-worthy shots of guys and their dogs.

Kaylin Pound of Elite Daily told The Huffington Post, “I realized the one thing I love more than dogs is hot guys, so why not put the two together and create the ultimate Instagram eye candy?” She said she started the account by pulling photos from Instagram but was almost instantly flooded with submissions. Now the account is all about self-submitted dudes and their furry besties. Apparently our obsession with this Instagram is biological. There have been actual studies that show guys with dogs get more dates because they are seen as more relaxed and caring. And after seeing these photos, we’re not going to argue.

Now we’re just wondering what the next “Hot Dudes” account will be? We’re placing bets on tea or cats. After all this puppy love, it’s just a matter of time until the cats of Instagram make their comeback.

What do you guys think the next “hot dudes” should be? Tell us your ideas in the comments below!