Have you heard that old joke about men being like coffee: best when hot, rich and able to keep you up all night? We’re not sure if that’s true, but what’s waking us up *this* AM is our new favorite Instagram obsession, #menandcoffee. Simply put, this new hashtag-able trend-turned-dedicated-account features photos of your above average Joe + a cuppa Joe. (PSA: If you are a coffee-loving stud or happen to be lucky enough to snap one, you can submit photos via the hashtag #menandcoffee.)

What started simply with photos that creator Alex Tooby found on the Internet has turned into a fierce competition of uploads from hottie Insta-users around the world. From the bearded barista to the plaid-shirted hunk using a French press to the guy with just a cup of coffee, an adorable dog and no shirt, we’d just like to say thank you to the Internet for bringing things like this into our lives. Now feast your eyes on some seriously sexy morning routines.

Tooby laughed to Daily Mail Online about how the idea came up randomly during a girls’ night when they were talking about how dreamy the two things were together. She was surprised to find out that no such thing existed, so that night launched the Instagram account @menandcoffee.

Tooby now receives dozens of submissions every day, so she has to be particular about which pics make the cut. Wanting to maintain a certain level of artistry and style, she chooses photos based on composition and then does her own editing so every photo is consistent with the theme.

There’s even a sister account, @womenandcoffee, because fair is fair.

Do you know any guys perfect for this Instagram feed? Share your thoughts on this newest trend in the comments below!