From grandma-chic midi heels to stirrup leggings (yep, for reals), the fashion world is currently loving the looks our mothers once loved. And now the beauty world is getting in on the love too. Need proof? Hair rollers (both hot and velcro) are making waves, and whoa mama, they are gorgeous. But not all rollers are created equal. Scroll below to see why we stand by this old-school beauty method, and which one is right for you.


First up, hot rollers! These longtime pageant-approved tools are the secret to keeping volume while the harsh winter winds whip your hair back and forth. Trust us: They’re not just for bouncy, pristine curls anymore. You can use them to create easy, laid-back waves or to channel Gisele-inspired bombshell hair.

Here’s the technique: Start with the top middle portion of your hair. Hold a two-inch strand vertically and begin to roll all the way down toward the root. Secure each roller with a clip. Create a “mohawk” of rollers down the top-middle portion of your head. Then, focus on the sides. Hold out two-inch pieces horizontally and roll the rollers in toward to the root, with the circle of the roll facing forward toward your mirror. Set, unroll, let cool and brush out for the perfect finishing touch. Need a visual aid to map out your rollers? We love this tutorial from YouTube beauty vlogger and hairstylist Silvia Reis.


Our Top Pick for Hot Rollers: T3 Volumizing Hot Rollers Luxe ($119): If you can’t give up on your tried-and-true curling iron (we totally get it), consider adding velcro rollers to your routine to bump up the volume. The little self-gripping wonders will set your curls and, depending on the circumference of the roller, will give you loose waves (opt for bigger rollers) or big curls (opt for smaller rollers).


Let’s break it down: Section off and curl your hair how you usually do. After you curl a piece, follow it up by rolling a velcro curler tautly down the to the root. Secure the roller with a bobby pin or a clip. Follow the same approach as you would with hot rollers. Start with the top and center (remember the “mohawk?”), and then work through the sides. Or take a cue from YouTube beauty blogger Dacey Cash and focus on your crown first. Let the rollers set for 20-30 minutes, unroll and brush out for a natural effect.


Our Top Pick for Velcro Rollers: Conair 31-Count Self-Grip Rollers ($7): Hot rollers and velcro rollers give two very different looks; not to mention, they require different time commitments to work their magic. If you have some time on your hands to wash and blow-dry your hair, consider going with velcro rollers. They offer looser curls with loads of volume. If you’re working with second-day hair (or basically anything that hasn’t been freshly blow-dried), go for hot rollers, which will hold a tighter, bouncier curl and offer a more polished look.

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