My beauty confession: I straight up can’t curl my hair without an automatically rotating curling iron. Even though I consider myself to be well-versed in all things hair and beauty, I have always struggled with curling my hair. I’ve used so many different tools: wands, rollers, straighteners (yes, you can curl your hair with a tool intended to straighten it) and of course every curling iron known to man. None of them work well for me, so I realized that sadly, it was an “it’s me, not you” situation.


As a beauty writer, I scour beauty blogs on the daily and discovered that there was an innovative hair tool out there that could solve my hair-curling struggles: the rotating curling iron. Rotating curling irons do all the work of curling your hair for you — you just clamp your hair in at the base of the barrell, press a button and watch the tool automatically rotate up the shaft of your hair. My RCI (rotating curling iron, DUH) of choice is the Beachwaver S1 ($129) and it’s totally changed the way I do my hair. I’m no longer hair-curling challenged, and I love how fast this thing works on my long hair — I can get a full head of curls or waves in 10-15 minutes flat.



How It Works: The Beachwaver is a ceramic curling iron that lets even the most curl-challenged peeps (hi, me) achieve curls or waves without having to twist and turn the barrel — a nifty little button takes care of that. You can choose the direction you want the curl to go in (which was one of the main things I struggled with using normal curling irons and wands), how fast/slow you want it to wrap around the hair and the temperature range of the iron (it goes up to 410 degrees).


Where You Can Find It: You can buy the Beachwaver (or a similar product called the Kiss InstaWave [$50]) online.

Who Should Use It: Anyone who wants curls (or waves) fast should use this tool. It’s also great for people who aren’t skilled at curling their hair but want to be! The tool makes it foolproof — promise.

How You Should Use It: Turn the iron on to your desired heat — note that just because it goes up to 410 degrees doesn’t mean you need to crank it up that high. Section off your hair if it’s thick and you’re worried about missing layers (I don’t have time/patience to section off my hair, so I skip this step!). Place a piece of hair underneath the clamp and then press the arrow button in whichever direction you want the curl to go (I always curl my hair facing outward versus inward). Unclamp the curling iron, let the hair out and then hold the curl close to your head for a few extra seconds so it sets.


When you’re done, gently brush through your hair so those curls turn into Victoria’s Secret waves. I know it sounds counterintuitive to brush through freshly curled hair, but for me, this step is absolutely crucial. Otherwise, I end up with Shirley Temple-esque ringlets that aren’t my style.

Why This Is My Beauty Confession: This is my beauty confession because this rotating curling iron has seriously given me HOPE. I like having a bit of variety when it comes to styling my hair, but never was able to curl it myself so it actually looked good and didn’t take me all day. Now I turn to this trusty tool and create killer curls in my hair that last for days — I actually like them more on the second day with some dry shampoo for added texture. Innovative beauty tools FTW, y’all.

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