While we were busy celebrating Sriracha Week, we noticed that people who like hot sauce really like hot sauce. As in, they carry it in their purse and slather it over anything and everything. If we pretty much just described your life, you should try out one of these 19 fiery recipes to make your own sauce! Then, carry it around in a glitzy bottle. You’ll be the talk of the spice-lovin’ community.

1. General Hot Sauce: It’s the Renaissance Man of hot sauces. This recipe can literally do anything. It molds to whatever pepper you have on hand. (via Two Lazy Gourmets)

2. Homemade Sriracha: You’re out of Sriracha? The horror! Don’t fret, just follow this recipe and you’ll be okay. (via White on Rice Couple)

3. Passion Fruit Hot Sauce: It kind of looks like harmless nacho cheese, but don’t be fooled. This hot sauce is quite spicy, and it’s made with, wait for it… passion fruit! (via Laylita’s Recipes)

4. Lotsa Serranos Blazing Sauce: The name says it all. It’s blazin’ hot and is made with a lotta serrano peppers. (via Chow)

5. Garlic Habanero Hot Sauce: Habaneros are the king of hot sauce ingredients. They make any recipe extra fiery and pair well with anything, like garlic! (via Relishing It)

6. Habanero Orange Stomach Punch: Did you ever think that you’d see an orange-flavored hot sauce? We weren’t lying when we said Habaneros go with everything. (via Chow)

7. Jalapeño Hot Sauce: We just love the bright green color of this one. This recipe comes with a bonus recipe for chicken tacos (hence, the ingredients on the right). Yum. (via Oysters and Pearls)

8. Portuguese Piri Piri Sauce: Fun fact of the day: While this sauce is known as piri piri in Portugal, the name originated from pili pili, which is Swahili for pepper pepper. Interesting. (via Leite’s Culinaria)

9. Mouth Blistering Habanero Carrot Sauce: Bugs Bunny may have to stay away from this one, unless he wants fire and smoke coming out of his ears. Seriously. It’s mouth blistering. (via Chow)

10. Kiwi + Tomatillo and Carrot + Tomato Hot Sauce: Kiwis in hot sauce? Genius. Honest Fare, we love you for your two-in-one recipe. (via Honest Fare)

11. Tunisian Harissa: Yowza. This Tunisian sauce known as harissa is almost deadly. (via Food52)

12. Chipotle Hot Sauce: Keep this away from your kiddos. While it may look like yummy melted chocolate, it’s actually chipotle hot sauce. But it’s still just as delicious as delicious chocolate sauce. (via CaliZona)

13. Cherry Bomb Hot Sauce: This beautiful sauce would be an awesome present for someone (cough, us). Pretty please with a cherry on top? (via Chow)

14. Ginger Beer Hot Sauce: Got leftover ginger beer lying around? Use it for this hot sauce! (via ReMade It)

15. Roasted Pepita Hot Sauce: Tired of the one-dimensional flavor of store-bought hot sauce? That’s not a problem with this one. Nicole Pierce was on a mission to create a nutty and delicious hot sauce, and came up with this masterpiece. (via Arctic Garden Studio)

16. Mr. Smoky’s Chipotle Mustard Sauce: Mr. Smoky, we salute you. This sauce is so darn beautiful. (via Chow)

17. Garlicky Hot Sauce: Whether you like it smooth or chunky, this hot sauce is sure to please you and your spice-lovin’ buds. (via White on Rice Couple)

18. Lemon Drop Hot Sauce: Warning, we aren’t talking about the sugary variety of lemon drops. There’s a Peruvian pepper called a lemon drop, and it’s super bright and delicious. (via Serious Eats)

19. Hot Sauce Spiked Queso: Last but not least, one of our very own. This jazzed up Velveeta and Rotel creation is the perfect marriage of a couple things we love… queso and hot sauce! Match made in toasty tortilla chip heaven. (via Brit + Co.)

Which fiery and smokin’ hot sauce will you be carrying around? Let us know in the comments below!