Maybe it was spending the better part of the week surrounded by glitter, confetti, and all sorts of shimmer at Alt Summit in SLC. Maybe it’s that we want to make everything sparkle all year round. Maybe we don’t even need a good reason to share our latest favorite hostess hack! Feast your eyes on these charming glitter-dipped bottles, filled with a brand new cocktail creation and topped with a glitzy gold cap. Follow along to see how we created such a swoon-worthy scene.

 – glass bottles

– gold bottle caps

– spray adhesive

– Martha Stewart Glitter Pack

 – crown capper

– tape

– paper

Ingredients for our Chocolate Raspberry Smooch:
 – 15 oz Red Rhapsody Odwalla

– 1 1/2 cups of cranberry juice

– 3 tbsp agave nectar

– 1 cup of Stoli Raspberry Chocolate Vodka


1. Prep bottles by taping off on the lower section of the bottle. Tape a sheet of paper around the bottle to protect the areas you want to keep glitter-free.

2. Pour glitter onto a flat surface — a paper plate work’s great.

3. Spray adhesive onto the bottom of your bottle.

4. Roll bottle in glitter until you’ve got a good amount of coverage.

5. Remove paper and tape.

6. Mix all cocktail ingredients in a pitcher.

7. Pour into bottles.

8. Place bottle cap on top of bottle, and use your crown capper to cap the bottle.

9. Keep bottled cocktails chilled until ready to serve!

Please, don’t be alarmed by the idea of capping your own bottles. It’s extremely easy! We tried this method out way back in 2012 and have been loving it ever since. It’s such a great way to create a bunch of mixed drinks ahead of time for a party. You could also bottle your own juices, sodas, or beer and give six-packs as gifts to friends.

First, tape off that bottle. This will make for a clean line when you dip into glitter. We also covered the top of the bottle with a piece of paper to make sure no spray adhesive or glitter went awry.

Pour glitter onto a flat surface — we used a paper plate. Then spray the bottom of your bottle with spray adhesive.

Roll the bottle in the glitter. Keep on rolling until you’ve got the whole bottom of your bottle sparkling.

Then, the reveal! Start by removing the paper, then slowly remove the tape. Why is it that this part is always so darn satisfying? ;)

Look at that crisp glitter dip!

We did a few different colors, going with a Valentine’s-inspired color palette.

Now, get your ingredients together to make our new favorite cocktail creation: A Chocolate Raspberry Smooch!

Pour each of your ingredients into a pitcher.

Then mix.

Now, pour into each bottle. For your first bottle, place a cap on the top, then use the crown capper to seal the deal. Boom, a bottled cocktail!

Repeat this with as many bottled cocktails as you’d like to make. Then place in the refrigerator until you’re ready to serve.

We created a little scene on a makeshift chalkboard table.

Grab a drink? Don’t mind if I do!

For best results, keep cocktails chilled until serving.

What are your favorite unusual ways to use glitter? Talk to us in the comments below.