The list of Top 100 names in Sweden just dropped, and it’s proving to be a true smorgasbord. Sure, some of the classic Swedish names are fully represented, but Swedes are also adding a little bit of spice to the buffet. The list highlights international baby names coupled with a few surprisingly popular baby names that are new to us, but definitely still exportable. Here are the top 10 baby names that are currently on the lips of parents in Scandinavia.

Sweden’s Top Baby Girl Names


1. Elsa

2. Alice

3. Maja

4. Saga

5. Ella

6. Lilly

7. Olivia

8. Ebba

9. Wilma

10. Julia

Sweden’s Top Baby Boy Names


1. William

2. Lucas

3. Liam

4. Oscar

5. Elias

6. Hugo

7. Oliver

8. Charlie

9. Axel

10. Vincent

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This post was originally published on Nameberry by Linda Rosenkrantz.

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