Happy International Women’s Day, ladies!

Today on Brit + Co, we’ll be posting several pieces around the International Women’s Day theme of “Being Bold for Change” by taking a look at how women are challenging the ideas around women’s bodies and beauty with Bold Beauty, women’s ability to stand up for change with Bold Activism, the future of women’s activism with Bold Future, and how celebs are more active than ever with women’s issues with Bold Hollywood. Check out our feeds on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for beautiful and shareable quotes from inspiring ladies past and present.


As some of you may know, today is also A Day Without a Woman, an international women’s strike that encourages women to take the day off from work to show the world how essential women are to making the world run. While some of our sister sites are either going dark for the day or letting their male colleagues run the show, we here at Brit + Co will be here today, covering what’s happening the world over, whether that’s through protests or celebrations.

In solidarity with women who are observing the day, we’ll be doing other things to mark the day besides posting the stories mentioned above:

  • This morning, we hosted a Facebook Live, telling you how to turn a red t-shirt into a DIY accessory for your International Women’s Day outfit. And we’ll be wearing red ourselves!
  • We’ll also host a Facebook Live later today from the New York Women’s Strike march.

Just remember, even if you’re having to work today, there are *so* many ways to take part in what’s happening on this historic day. We’ve even created a handy list for you! And please tell us what you’re doing today via comments on our Facebook page, tweeting at us, or posting your shots to Instagram (tag us #britstagram).

Fight on, ladies!