Editor's Note: We know. This post is awkward. And gross. And awesome all at the same time. We hesitated about posting it but realized that it does technically fall into the category of "creative living" right? Read on…and brace yourself.

Ladies and gentlemen (but mostly ladies), we present to you Camelflage, the world's first visual privacy undergarment, or in layman's terms, a new way to disguise your camel toe. It's kind of like Spanx, but just for your lady parts. It helps keep things tight and smooth where you need it most.

Designed as both panties and briefs, there's a style for every woman. The company even offers a full page of testimonials (which is helpful in case you thought this was a late April Fool's joke, like we first did).

A pair of these panties will cost you about $20 but may save you from years of public humiliation and shame. Background on this insane product from the founder is below.

We're dying to know what you think of Camelflage! Smart? Disgusting? Both? Would you try them? Let us know by replying in the comments below or finding us on Twitter.