When we saw this brightly-colored J. Crew necklace just last week, we knew it was high time for a hack. It’s just the right amount of preppy, boho and edgy… but it’s $150. While that might be a fun splurge every once in a while, we knew we could figure out a way to get the same look for under $10. All you really need is a bit of spandex, chain from the hardware store, and scissors!

 – chain (best to have it cut to size at the hardware store)

– spandex

– needle nose pliers

– scissors

– gold hoops & clasps

For our first necklace, we got knotty with it. ;)

Cut your spandex into 1 inch strips. Stretch them apart so they turn into round little pieces of “string” like we did for our Fabric Scrap Statement Necklaces and Nautical T-Shirt Neckwear.

Now that you have all your strips, create a series of 6 pairs and knot each one at the top. Now you’re going to create a series of knots on each strip set. These will sort of act like beads.

To weave together, take two strip sets and use another individual strip to tie them together at the top. With the same strip, go under the right side, through the middle, and over the right side. Now go under the left side, through the middle, and over the right side. Bring it back around and start over. You’ll need to do two of these in between each set of knots. Repeat until you’ve made 3 separate pieces.

Trim off the ends, and lay out in the way you’ll be putting it together. Use another piece of spandex to weave through the ends of each piece and tie to one end of chain.

With another strand, weave through a few more times through the middle.

Use the excess strand fabric to wrap around each end where you attach the chain, and you’re done!

For our second, we simply created a series of slip braids and put them together!

Again, gather your pieces of spandex. You’ll want enough to make three separate braids, so 9 pieces of spandex “string.”

Tie on one end, and braid as usual. To create the slip braid, hold on piece of string at the end and push the other two up. When you push up, your braid will look like the 4th photo above.

Do this times three!

Use a separate piece of spandex to tie everything together at one end, attach to the chain and you’re done!

Why drop $150 at J. Crew when you can get crafty with it? If you’ve got any questions about the tutorial above, let us know in the comments below. And stay tuned for more spandextastic ways to make chain from the hardware store uber chic.

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