Great news: Americans take wellness seriously these days. With much-needed talk about the importance of mental health days and an emphasis on exercise to feel good (rather than simply to look good) circulating the interwebs, it’s no surprise to see people resolving to form healthier habits. In fact, new data from global communications firm Ketchum shows that a whopping 93 percent of Americans currently have a wellness goal — be it emotional or physical. The different aspects included in the research are based on The National Wellness Institute’s six dimensions of wellness: emotional, intellectual, occupational, physical health, social, and spiritual well-being.

According to the same Influencer of Wellness survey, which counted 1,046 adults and included wellness influencers, Americans view wellness positively while believing that good health is truly attainable. What does that mean, exactly? Three-quarters of respondents note that they think achieving personal wellness is as important as financial stability, while 66 percent say that they opt for products and service with health benefits over those without.

Interestingly, a nearly equal percentage of men and women say they experience wellness barriers such as putting others’ needs before their own or a lack of support at home. While men rate social aspects as slightly more important, women say that physical health tops their list of wellness priorities. Doreen Young, a director at the award-winning Sedona-based Mii amo spa, attributes much of this to women’s distinct body-mind connection. “The body and mind are undeniably connected,” she explains. “Consistent care of the body (which transcends to the soul, and mind) is much like preventative medicine. Small acts of physical self-care can quickly accumulate and help protect, promote, and maintain health and well-being.”

Physical wellness, as Young points out, is more than just making sure you use up all of your Classpass credits each month. “When it comes to self-care, we encourage women to set a daily intention for wellness so they can be the best, most energetic and joyful version of themselves,” she shares. She also speaks about exercise-free ways to improve the physical aspect of your health. “For example, when you disconnect yourself to rest at home or during a stay at a spa, you can… gain insight, awareness, and peace.” In other words, a warm soak, deep-tissue massage, or day away from the weights might be just what your bod needs to physically repair itself.

5 Ways to Rock Your Personal Wellness Routine

While there’s no doubt that people care about wellness, 77 percent of respondents admit that temptation (33 percent), difficulty sticking with a healthy goal (27 percent), affordability (24 percent), putting others first (23 percent), a lack of time (19 percent), and not knowing where to start (18 percent) can serve as potential pitfalls. To ensure you avoid these obstacles, try incorporating some of the following tips into your current routine:

1. Prioritize self-care. You’ve heard it before: Secure your own oxygen mask before helping others. Young reminds us that being intentional is key. “Self-care often falls by the wayside when life gets hectic. As women, it’s especially easy to feel spread thin as we tend to prioritize others’ needs before our own.” To avoid this, make the conscious decision to put your self-care first. Feel guilty about doing so? Remember that you’ll be able to better serve others when you feel good.

2. Make the most of digital inspiration. Is affordability your issue? The internet and social media have made it much easier to track your goals, learn new information or skills, and find accountability partners. Free content can be a real goldmine. “We’ve developed digital wellness and mindfulness resources at Mii amo, all designed to encourage women to prioritize self-care and well-being,” Young says. “This is all online and on our social channels.” One of many resources, a quick Google or Instagram search can also turn up additional health and wellness content to inspire and educate you.

3. Treat rejuvenation seriously. You’re more likely to give in to temptation or find it tough to stick with a goal when you’re overworked or overtired. “Aim to receive energy and relief,” Young suggests. “You can get this with body treatments that release and relax you.” If a massage or facial isn’t in your future, decompress with a warm soak or simply take a day off.

4. Stay nourished. What you eat and drink is important; nourishment can affect a number of your wellness dimensions. “We suggest three meals a day, along with fresh juices. You should feel healthy, light, energetic, and satisfied,” Young elaborates. “It’s all about balance and varying dietary needs… You don’t need to give up your wine!”

5. Spend time in nature. Young tells us that Mii amo’s mindfulness treatments are all set to a backdrop of the inspiring red rock setting of nearby Boynton Canyon, and that the views contribute to the spa’s healing atmosphere. To mimic the effect, seek your own sense of spirit. Spend time outside or admiring the great outdoors — be it from your patio, a park, in the woods, or by the beach. Breathe in the fresh air and feel the sun on your skin. Nature is a proven mood booster that’s always available to you.

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