Bros, it’s time to get dapper. And you know what that means? You need to get a pocket square on that chest of yours.

How to Make a Pocket Square

There’s nothing hotter than a man in a suit, except a man in a suit with DIYed accessories. Sure, there are plenty of pocket squares on the market, but why be lazy when you can be the man you really are and get your hands dirty making your own foldable piece of fabric? Even if you missed Sewing 101, you can master this tutorial. It’s that easy. Then we’ll help you origami those little squares into perfect pocket wearables. Grab your thimble and let’s get started.


– fabric (silk or cotton)


– sewing machine

– iron

– fabric scissors

– measuring tape



  1. Cut out a square of fabric. Generally pocket squares range from 10 x 10 inches to 17 x 17 inches. We recommend staying on the larger end.
  2. Create a hem by folding one side in about ¼ inch and ironing it in place. Then make a second fold and iron it to cover up the frayed edges. Do this to all four sides of your square.
  3. Stitch around your square with your sewing machine.
  4. Fold your square and place it in your pocket. Look good.

Sew It


Try your very best to cut out a perfect square. You might want to get a little bit of extra fabric in case you need to try a few times. We made our squares 17 x 17 inches, but any size from 10 square inches to 17 square inches will work.

To make a hem, fold over the edge of one side and iron it. Then fold it a second time and iron it again. Repeat this step for all four sides of the square.

Place your fabric under the needle of your sewing machine, lower the presser foot, and start sewing with a quick tap on the pedal followed by a back stitch. Then continue around the square. When you hit the corners, leave the needle in the fabric, lift the presser foot and turn it ninety degrees. Put the presser foot back down and continue sewing. Trim the thread at the ends.


Now time to fold these bad boys!

How to Fold a Pocket Square

Presidential Fold

The Presidential Fold says, “I’m a baller. I am Don Draper. I know I look like a badass. Feel free to stare at me. I won’t think it’s weird.”


Fold your square vertically to one side. Then bring up the bottom to create a smaller square. Fold this square the same way that you folded the first. Done.


Two Point Fold

This fold is for the classy lad who likes a little extra somethin’ somethin’. With the two point fold there’s this little extra twinsie piece popping out the side to say hi.


Fold your square vertically to one side. Next fold the bottom up to the top edge, making a square. Turn the square so it sits like a diamond with the points at noon, 3:00, 6:00 and 9:00. Fold up the bottom corner and shift it to one side. Bring in the right and left corners and flip your square over. Done.


Winged Puff Fold

If you feel like taking a style leap and leaving the classy zone for the sassy zone, this fold is for you.


Fold your square vertically to one side. Bring the bottom up to make a square. Rotate the square so it sits as a diamond and then fold the top corner down to meet the bottom corner.


Now fold the top left corner down to the middle point and do the same with the right side. When you’re ready to pop this in your pocket, fold in the last three corners to give it square edges along the sides and bottom. And DONE!


So many pocket squares, so few reasons to wear a suit. Maybe it’s time to start Fancy Fridays?

DIY Pocket Squares

Dress to impress with a pocket square, bro.

Have a favorite fancy DIY? Share it below!