Changing up furniture and decor makes your space feel fresh. The time and money to make drastic changes, well, that’s not quite as exciting. But there is a way to change things up with only a few cheap supplies, and the time needed to watch a couple episodes of Friends on Netflix. Here’s an easy DIY to give your dressers (and cabinets and bedside tables – really anything with drawers and doors!) a fresh new look that will have your friends asking where you got all of your fun new furniture. And the best part is, these polymer clay drawer pulls can be customized with different shapes, sizes and colors to match your decor.


— polymer clay

— screws (these can be taken from the knobs you are replacing)

— Mod Podge

— glitter


— oven

— cookie sheet

— X-Acto knife or other cutting tool

— Allen wrench or skewer, slightly smaller in diameter than your screws

— paintbrush

— screwdriver


1. To create each knob, start by shaping a ball of clay, slightly bigger than you would like your final knob to be. Flatten one side of the ball. This side will lie flat against your dresser.

2. Use your cutting tool to shape your ball of clay into a gem, slowly cutting off small pieces to create random planes until you have your desired shape.

3. Use a tool (such as skewer or Allen wrench) that is slightly smaller in diameter than your screws to poke a hole in the middle of each knob.

4. Once you’ve created your desired shape, bake your knobs according to the directions on the package of polymer clay. When your knobs have cooled, use a paintbrush to paint Mod Podge onto random sides of one knob.

5. Sprinkle with glitter. Once the glue has dried, paint with another coat of Mod Podge to seal in the glitter. Repeat on each knob!

Depending on what you’re outfitting with new knobs, you can make them as large or as tiny as you want. We went with a midsize for our dresser, but we think they would look pretty epic in the oversized variety.

This step can also be done with paint if you would like a more colorful look, or you can leave the knobs as they are.

Once the glue has fully dried, screw the new knobs onto your drawers and enjoy your revamped dresser!

What do you think? How would you customize these clay drawer pulls to fit your personal style? We want to hear!