We are always on the hunt for a quick apartment update… but don’t have an infinite interior decorating budget. We came across this amazing DIY from our favorite HGTV star, Emily Henderson, and decided to give it our own Brit + Co spin. Our answer was to use tissue paper to upgrade furniture we already had rockin’ around! You won’t even need much. Grab your favorite colors leftover from birthday gift wrapping and cut out some shapes. If you’re feeling ambitious, send some sheets through the printer to give your paper some popping patterns.



– tissue paper in various colors

– Mod Podge

Hexagon stencil
– Eames-inspired chairs


– pen

– scissors

– foam paintbrush

 1. Trace the hexagon stencil onto tissue paper and then cut.

2. Put a thin layer of Mod Podge onto your piece of furniture and then lay the tissue paper in place. Cover the tissue paper with another thin layer of Mod Podge.

3. Once your piece is covered with your tissue design, coat one more time in Mod Podge.


Choose any colors of tissue paper you like.


Charles and Ray Eames are responsible for making the plastic chair more fabulous. We found these knock-offs on Amazon for $143 a pair. The white makes a perfect backdrop for a pop of color.


Cut, trace, and then cut again! It took us about 50 hexagons to cover our chair.


Cover the area with a thin layer of Mod Podge and then place tissue paper on top. Use the Mod Podge-covered foam brush to smooth out the bumps in the tissue paper.


Building Queen B’s throne, one hexagon at a time.


The curves of the chair are going to be tricky. Place your piece on the area you want to cover and then trim off excess. Use Mod Podge and your fingers to press the piece into place.


Sides are tricky too. If you’re sticking with the hexagon pattern you will need to alter certain shapes to maintain the pattern. Just remember — Mod Podge will dry clear!


This just in: Tissue paper might be the ULTIMATE hack for turning old furniture into new statement pieces.


Not into the hexagon honeycomb? Squares totally rock too!


Can you believe you only need two materials to pull off this masterpiece?!


These chairs are perfect for reading our new book Homemakers ;)


Have you fallen in love with this tissue paper hack? Tell us in the comments below what other pieces you might cover in colorful paper!