If you haven鈥檛 paid enough attention to the first spot guests see when they arrive at your home, we recommend doing so starting now 鈥 like, today. Because here鈥檚 the thing: You can have a front porch that鈥檚 just like anyone else鈥檚, or you can have one that鈥檚 so irresistibly charming, you鈥檒l have friends coming back based solely on the delight of entering your home. Well, perhaps for a few other reasons, too, but we promise this鈥檒l at least be one of them. Make coming to your house that much more lovely with a pretty front door planter box via this DIY created by the the team at nousDECOR.

final planter chatting

鈥 two 12 x 7 录 inch pieces of wood

鈥 one 1 x 11 录 inch piece of wood

鈥 one 1 x 9 戮 inch piece of wood

鈥 two 1 x 3 陆 inch pieces of wood

鈥 five 1-inch corner braces

鈥 10 screws

鈥 house numbers

鈥 wood glue

鈥 succulents


鈥 drill

tools for planter


1. Begin by drilling three holes across the 11 录 inch piece of wood. This is so that the water can drain when you water your succulents.

2. Then, glue one of the 1 x 3 陆 inch pieces of wood to the side of the 11 录 inch piece of wood with the three holes in it. Place a corner brace into the right corner formed by the wood. Drill screws into both holes. Repeat on other side with other 1 x 3 陆 inch piece of wood.

3. Take your completed piece and glue it onto the 12 x 7 录 inch piece of wood.

4. Take the other three corner braces and drill screws so that your completed piece attaches to the 12 x 7 录 inch piece of wood.

5. Then glue your 1 x 9 戮 inch piece of wood to the top of the open piece, forming the front of your planter box.

6. Take your other 12 x 7 录 inch piece of wood. Use a pencil to mark where you want to place your numbers, then glue them down.

7. Glue the 12 x 7 录 inch piece with the numbers to the 12 x 7 录 inch with the planter box.

8. Plant your succulents and mount beside your front door.

drilling holes in board

When drilling holes through your first piece of wood, use the side of a table to keep it steady.

holes in board

You鈥檒l finish with three holes across the top.

driling first time collage 1

Use your hand to stabilize the pieces of wood you just glued together while drilling.

gluing part of box onto large wood collage

After you place your piece, adjust the wood so that the edges match the bottom precisely.

drilling holes box

Depending on the type of wood you buy, you may need to drill small holes into the wood before going straight in with the screws. You鈥檒l know this if you鈥檙e not making any progress with the screws right off the bat.

gluing front of planter collage

When you finish this portion, place something extremely heavy (like a large stack of books) on top of the planter to hold the wood glue in place as it dries.

gluing numbers to box

We recommend putting your numbers in the top right corner of your piece, but you can switch it up if you like!

final top glue portion collage

When you glue these pieces together, place two extremely heavy objects on either side to reinforce the glue as it dries. Leave overnight.

final no plants

Ta-da! Now to get planting!

planting collage

You may need a bit more soil to pack at the bottom of your planter.

planting from the back

Add in a few cacti with your succulents for a pretty pop color.

next planter

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