Many of us who are still donning our winter parkas and shoveling snow may think it hard to fathom, but spring IS on its way, and with it comes color, blue sky and flowers. Start prepping now to spruce up your outdoor (or indoor) garden. And don’t worry; if you don’t have time for digging in the dirt, we’ve got a few other green thumb DIYs up our sleeves. Get your gardening gloves and trowel ready, ’cause once you see these DIY planters you’ll be ditching that snow shovel, ready to welcome spring with open arms… and planters.

1. Gold Patterned Planters: When in doubt, gild it out. These fun patterned planters are the perfect thing to bring a little shimmer to your collection. (via Brit + Co)

2. Radiant Orchid Wood Planter: Let your flowers, or in this case succulents, stand out in a brightly colored planter box. With a few 2x4s and a bit of sweat, you’ll have a box ready to be filled with anything from tulips to ranunculus. And who said we ever had to stop showing love to Pantone’s 2014 color, Radiant Orchid? (via Tatertots and Jello)

3. Pallet Living Wall: Pallet DIYs are nothing new for savvy crafters. Be the envy of neighbors by staying on trend with this modern vertical garden — it’s great for those short on space but big on botanicals. (via The Brew)

4. Metal Filing Cabinet Planter: You know the bulky metal cabinets that people used to store their files in before things went digital? Whatever you do, don’t throw them out. Instead, remove the drawers, flip ’em over, add some legs and a fun coat of paint and you have yourself a super creative flower box. (via Full Mooning)

5. Gold Leaf Pots: If it isn’t obvious by now: We kinda love gold leaf. We’ll stick it on just about anything (maybe even ourselves!?), and these easy peasy pots are no exception. (via Brit + Co)

6. Salvaged Shutters Box: This hack proves that you don’t need a lot of space to enjoy a bit of green. Look to your windowsills, decks, fences, balconies and walls to brighten things up a bit. Even some old shutters can become a welcoming home for your garden botanicals. (via Lila B Design)

7. Initial Letter Planters: Can you say crafty? Check out these awesome initial planters that are sure to bring an afternoon of merriment. DIY them up during a garden craft party with girlfriends or with the kiddos on a sunny weekend. (via Hello Natural)

8. Kitty Plant Pots: Take a guess at what these adorable cat planters are made with. You may have just found the cutest way to recycle plastic bottles. Set them on your front entrance for a sweet welcome. (via Bru DIY)

9. White Chalkboard Crates: These clever chalkboard crates are wearers of many hats, from storage to wedding centerpieces, or in this case, a planter to hold your spring blooms. (via Saved by Love Creations)

10. Vertical Gutter Garden: You know that vertical gardens are super hot right now, right? Create an eye-catching feature wall on your backyard fence or patio by aligning repurposed gutters to flaunt your pretty flowers. Can’t seem to come up with any gutters? Just use PVC pipe instead. (via BHG)

11. Crocodile Planter: “Alligator, crocodile, let’s get funky” — with flowers. This specific planter isn’t DIY (you can purchase it here), but you can totally make it on your own. A quick search through the kids’ old toys and you may find the perfect vessel for your gardening affairs. (via Desert Domicile)

12. Hanging Planter Garden: When space is critical, creativity must take over. This little gem is your ticket to enjoying your pretty maids all in a row. (via Brit + Co)

13. Coffee Bag Planter Pots: If you are sooo over the traditional terra cotta or plastic pots trying to look like terra cotta, ditch ’em and reach for these DIY, recycled, biodegradable and weather-resistant coffee bag planters instead. (via Apartment Therapy)

14. Narrow Planter Box: This traditional flower box is one that will stand the test of time in both craftsmanship and design. Perfect for porches and hanging under windows, this narrow planter is a smart DIY. (via Stark Insider)

15. Pallet Planter: Flowers are literally climbing the walls these days. Make it happen with this pallet planter that really gets things vertical. (via Kelly Moore)

16. Tin Can Fence Garden: You can garden with tin cans. Style them your way and simply nail them to a hard surface and you’ve got yourself a container fit for flowers, succulents, herbs — you name it. (via Ciera Design)

Calling all green thumbs! What are your creative takes on DIY planters? Fill us in here.