We love makeup. We don’t, however, love keeping it organized. The downside to having a veritable library of beauty products is having to house them in a way that doesn’t drive us mad, especially when we have no time to find *that* lipstick. So we’re teaming up with Ziploc® to share a few tips and DIYs to keep the makeup drawer organized and our brains un-frazzled!

Turns out, these magical food storage containers also work wonders in other parts of the home. We’re partial to using Ziploc® containers for makeup org for two reasons: 1) The right combo of containers will fit into pretty much any space, and 2) these bad boys are dishwashable — AKA that inevitable foundation spill will be a breeze to clean up. Genius, right?


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First step: Lay out each Ziploc® container’s lid to find the perfect arrangement for your drawer.


Fill each container with similar products — one container for foundation, one for lipstick and so on.


Here’s one of our favorite hacks — make yourself a “to-go” container using a Ziploc® Divided Rectangle Container. Toss your everyday beauty products into this, than take it with you where you need to go. It will fit seamlessly back into the drawer when you get home.


Here’s another DIY trick — weave a strip of elastic through a sushi mat (!), glue the elastic ends to the mat’s edges, then insert all of your makeup brushes. This smart storage is also pretty genius for travel, right?


Voila! An organized beauty zone that’s just as smart as it is affordable. Win, win.

What are your go-to makeup organization hacks? We wanna hear ‘em! Share with us on Twitter @BritandCo.

Video: Katie Booker, Caroline Hetzel, Steven Cervantes, Michael Sullivan, Cody Towner, Erinn Burke

Photography: Cody Towner