We were so inspired by our back to school pencils project a couple weeks ago that we decided to take it to the next level. The colored pencil level. Here are 4 playful accessories perfect for artsy types, students, teachers, and anyone who likes to add a little color and nostalgia to their jewelry box.

 – colored pencils

– sand paper

– drill with tiny drill bit

– hand saw

– chain

– ring pads

– glue

– jewelry wire

If you don’t have an old box of colored pencils lying around, you can easily find them at a local craft store, pharmacy or on Amazon. Best of all, most of these projects leave the majority of your pencils in tact for use later on.

1. Pencil Ring

This one actually happens to be useful too!

Simply cut off 2-inch length of pencil (with a sharpened end). Sand down the sawed off end so it’s smooth. Use a ring pad and curve it with needle nose pliers, creating the perfect setting for your pencil. Use a multipurpose adhesive to glue, and you’re all set!

2. Flower Pencil Ring

Our second ring is great for those teeny tiny colored pencils you’ve got kicking around the craft drawer.

Cut off a few ends (7 work best), sand so that they’re smooth.

Glue together on wax paper using wood glue and let set overnight. Once the glue has set, sand off any excess glue so that you have a smooth pencil flower. Glue onto a ring pad and you’re done!

3. Pencil Pendant

For our pencil pendant, we did the same sawing technique as for the flower pencil ring.

Saw off pieces of pencil about1 1/4 inch thick. Sand down so that they’re smooth.

Take one of the ends and drill a small hole in it. String wire through and make a loop it so it’s easy to attach chain.

Glue together and let set overnight, as with the flower pencil. Sand excess glue off once it has set. String a chain through the loop you created, and you’ve got a gorgeous little piece.

4. Hanging Pencil Necklace

Last, we’ve got a necklace that is perfect for folks who like to write things down.

Select three colors you like, and cut them down using a saw. Sharpen so that the pencils are functional, and drill at the top of each pencil. String a chain right through and you’ve got writing utensils whenever you need ’em.

And there you have it! A whole collection of accessories that play to your inner coloring book artist.

How do you make use of old crafting materials? We’d love to see and try out some of your projects. Talk to us in the comments below!