Summer is just around the corner, which means beach bumming, pool days, and best of all, getaways! We love to explore new places and visit family and friends, and we know many of you will be traveling too. With airplane snacks, food in a new city, and a different routine, traveling can be one of the most challenging times to stick to your healthy lifestyle. It’s also the #1 time you want to feel and look your best, so we put together a guide on how to stay active and healthy while enjoying your fabulous vacation.

1. Carry on your snacks. Packing snacks is the perfect way to stick to healthy choices on the fly. We always prep mini muffins like our Snickerdoodle Muffins and pack small bags of nuts, homemade trail mix, and lots of Tone It Up Protein Bars. They’re all nutritious, super easy, and delicious — definitely beats airplane food!

2. Explore the area. The best part about traveling is getting to see new places. We always explore a new city on foot or rent bikes to stay active. For a beach vacation, a morning beach jog is perfect. You can also try stand-up paddle boarding or surfing. And whenever we visit someplace new, we research fun outdoor activities to try like a beautiful hike or a cool park.

3. Set small goals. When we’re traveling, we always aim to do a quick 20-minute run, yoga session, or bike ride in the morning. Once we get started though, we usually end up going for much longer! And even if you only have time for that 20 minutes, that’s totally okay. It helps you stay active and stick to your routine while you’re away.

4. Make your hotel room your gym. We have tons of equipment-free workouts on that are perfect to do in your hotel room. Using your body weight is an amazing way to sculpt your muscles anywhere. Try our brand new equipment-free Toned Abs workout HERE — it only takes 10 minutes! Plus there’s a free printable you can bring with you on your trip.

5. Keep it lean, clean, and green. It’s so important to keep your nutrition on point when you’re away. Our philosophy is to choose lean, clean, and green meals, meaning foods that are whole, unprocessed, and nutrient-packed like lean protein, healthy fats, and leafy greens. (You can learn more about the lean, clean, and green lifestyle with our Tone It Up Nutrition Plan!). When you’re trying new restaurants, pay close attention to the menu. Most restaurants will offer options with lean protein and greens. In tropical places, we love to order fresh fish and tons of veggies!

6. Drink up. Traveling can make you dehydrated, so it’s essential to sip water throughout your day. Aim to drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day. And don’t forget to stay hydrated while you’re sipping cocktails by the pool! We always have sparkling water between each cocktail or glass of wine. This way, you wake up refreshed the next day, and you’re able to enjoy every moment of vacation.

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