If you have a lob, you’ve likely experienced that annoying flip that stands in between you and pin-straight strands. Whether it’s the way the cuts are snipped, how the ends fall, the styling method, or a combination of the above, your hair always seems to do its own thing. To get to the bottom of this, we enlisted the help of a celeb hairstylist. Learn how to forget about the flip, once and for all, with her tips below.

1. Get a trim. If you notice that your mane is starting to flip out, consider a trip to the salon. “A flip at the ends can be the result of your hair hitting your shoulders,”Michelle Cleveland, who boasts Christina Milian as a client, tells us. “This means that it’s time to sharpen up that crisp line and bring your shape back to life, or it’s time to transition that growth into a new haircut or shape.” Typically, shaving off up to half an inch every five or six weeks can keep your ‘do looking polished.

2. It’s all about the styling brush. When you’re in styling mode, know that the tools you choose are crucial. Using the wrong brush when blow-drying can affect the final shape of your mane, making the flips more visible. “Having a great brush to assist with the blowout doesn’t hurt either, but shape does matter,” the New Jersey-based hairstylist says. “My go-to brush to prevent the flip is a 1.25 inch vented round barrel brush like Olivia Garden NanoThermic NT34 ($21).”

3. Embrace a new style. A sleek look is certainly bold and trendy, but it can be tough if you have an active lifestyle. For ladies that love the length this shape has to offer but prefer a bit of bounce, try a style that highlights natural curves and bends. “Try a soft, bouncy bob or lob that allows lots of movement,” she recommends. “Think beach waves and you will forget about those flips.”

4. Avoid razors or clippers. Even though you might be tempted to ask your stylist to break out a razor or clippers for the straightest, cleanest cut ever to avoid the bend, regular scissors are your best option. “I prefer using shears over a razor or clipper for a strong, blunt hairline that won’t flip,” Cleveland explains. “Using regular shears will ensure your bob or lob maintains a totally level, sharp look on the ends.”

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