With the last month of summer upon us, we’re feeling mixed emotions. We’ll miss romping around the beach in our bikinis and sipping on crisp cocktails that cut the summer heat. But at the same time, we’re sort of — dare we say it — pumped to break out our fall wardrobes. Before you moan in our general direction, just think: the booties, the jackets and the versatile staples that set the tone for your entire outfit. The basic we’re most excited to style out is the can’t-live-without white collared shirt. This any-occasion long-sleeved top is everything and more — seriously. These outfits are 12 reasons why.

1. Bright Sweaters and Mini Skirts: A bright fall sweater over a white collared shirt is an easy look to adapt. Try it with a mini skirt for a more feminine approach or wear it with ultra skinny jeans for a more casual look. (via Late Afternoon)

2. Sky High Boots and Cropped Sweaters: Um, chic much??? This outfit screams sophisticated stylite thanks to the combo of over-the-knee boots and a cropped black sweater with a white collared blouse and oversized dark sunnies. (via Atlantic-Pacific)

3. Oversized With Converse: White collared shirts don’t have to be fitted and crisply ironed all the time. Grab a white collared boyfriend shirt and pair it with some vintage denim cutoffs and dirty Cons to give off that casual and comfortable vibe. (via Sterling Style)

4. Cuffed Jeans and Topknots: This effortlessly cool look does a phenomenal job of layering items of various lengths, and the cuffed jeans add a relaxed feel that makes this outfit perfect for any fall weekend. Plus, we love a good topknot ;) (via Good Life)

5. Collar Tips and Pleated Skirts: Tuck that white collared shirt into a pleated midi and button it alllll the way up to create a stunning outfit perfect for work life in the city. And don’t forget to accessorize with those gold collar tips! (via The Classy Cubicle)

6. Skinny Jeans and Cowboy Hats: We love this minimalist look. Sometimes all you need is a white collared shirt, black skinnies and a good cowboy hat to get you through the day. (via Madewell)

7. Short Shorts and Side Buns: Add a pop of color to your white collared look with bright short shorts, and heck — go ahead and throw in some side buns just for kicks! (via Who What Wear)

8. Colorful Cardis: A white collared shirt under a comfy cardigan makes for fabulous fall casual wear. And don’t forget to toss on that scarf! (via Moda Per Principianti)

9. Khakis and Bright Flats: Khaki shorts are seriously underrated. We love ’em paired with a white collared shirt, and to finish off the look, roll up those sleeves and slip on some bright flats! (via Britta Nickel)

10. Pencil Skirts and Aviators: Oh hey, Ashley Olsen! As always, this twin looks effortlessly chic, this time in a pencil skirt + white collared shirt + gold aviators combo. (via Riches for Rags)

11. Statement Necklaces and a Nude Lip: Olivia Palermo is yet another socialite who consistently dresses to the nines. The key to this white collared look is that lovely statement necklace and OP’s nude lip (and coy smile)! (via Fab Fashion Fix)

12. Jeans, Blazers and Statement Heels: And of course, the ever-classic blazer. A white collared shirt styled with a blazer, skinny jeans, statement pumps and a bold red lip is simply perfection. (via J. Crew)

What’s your favorite way to style a classic white collared shirt? Tell us in the comments!