Okay, we’ll admit it. We have thrown our unwashed, un-brushed, knotty hair into a topknot on mornings when our alarms have gotten the better of us. Or maybe it was laziness or maybe it was our subconscious trying to tell us to pursue a childhood dream of being a ballerina. Either way, why (k)not? They’re just SO easy! A little dry shampoo and some cute bobby pins, and we can rock second (fourth?!) day hair. Topknots are undoubtedly chic and here to stay… not to mention, nothing says “I totally have my life together” than a modish bun! Here are 10 of our favorite ways to shake up the look.

1. Classic Topknot : Ooh-la-la! Follow this tutorial and look absolutely French! A classic topknot is a great way to transform frizzy hair into a perfect going out look. We recommend rocking red lips to complete the Parisian vibe! (via Cup of Jo)

2. Party Bun: This topknot is perfect for that coveted bash! The teased hair gives off an “I spent hours on my hair” look, and with your hair out of the way, you might just become the life of the party. (via The Beauty Department)

3. Cotton Candy Bun: You’ll definitely be the talk of the carnival with this adorable hairstyle! The first thing we will be doing after mastering this bun is getting real cotton candy to match our hair, duh! (via Vanilla Extract)

4. Braided Knot: Braids were all over the runway this season. Try this hairstyle on rushed mornings when you don’t have time to dry your hair. Just like an off duty model. (via Brit + Co.)

5. Messy Topknot: Messy hair on purpose is our raison d’etre. This detailed tutorial takes messy hair to a whole new level. We might overuse this hairstyle… like… every day. (via Merricks Art)

6. Dutch Braided Topknot: In the world of hair, this bun is magical, and while a magician never reveals their secrets, luckily this tutorial does. Follow closely to astonish your friends with your tricks. (via Twisted Me Pretty)

7. Ballerina Bun: Lauren Conrad shows us how to perfect the ballerina bun in her video tutorial. Don’t worry if you can’t quite demonstrate that perfect plié or arabesque, at least your hair knows how to steal the show. (via The Beauty Department)

8. Curly Bun: Curly haired gals can jump on this bandwagon with a topknot video tutorial featuring springy spirals! We particularly love this hairstyle because it looks perfect for errands on Saturday mornings straight to a girl’s night out. (via Un’ruly)

9. Bow Topknot: Channel preppy princess Blair Waldorf with this perfectly proper bow on your head! Then wander NYC looking for your very own Chuck Bass. (via Brit + Co.)

10. Braided Band Topknot: This topknot is beyond perfect for those beautiful summer weddings that are unfortunately scheduled during the scalding heat. With your hair off your shoulders you can show off your snazzy dress and even snazzier dance moves.

Which topknot totally tantalizes you? Make sure to comment below and share your tips for the perfect bun!