New year, new you — amirite?! Buuut, let’s be real for a second. Even with hot new 2016 fitness trends to get us excited, it’s a little harder than just obeying whatever you scribbled onto a calendar. January is filled with gloomy, cold days that just make us want to stay inside and binge watch the latest Netflix craze (#makingamurderer). One thing that motivates me is the option to have or make new clothes, or, in this case, gym accessories. By using fabric paint and stencils, you can add witty or motivational phrases that remind you to push yourself and work, b*tch.


Materials + Tools:

  • sports bra
  • letter stencils
  • fabric paint
  • paint brush


1. Decide on the perfect motivational phrase for your workout.

2. Use the stencils to stencil the phrase onto your sports bra!

  1. Motivational_Sports_Bra_002

    First things first: You’ll need to decide what your go-to phrase is that makes you want to move that booty. We decided to go for the classic – WORK FOR IT!

  2. Motivational_Sports_Bra_004

    Since we used white paint, we needed to add an extra layer to avoid the letters looking translucent. Once your letters have dried, follow the instructions on the fabric paint to lock it in. It will most likely tell you to apply heat by ironing over the paint or tossing it into the dryer.

  3. Motivational_Sports_Bra_006

    Stenciling the letters gives you great results, but if you have a knack for hand lettering, try adding some text using puff paint.


Can everyone please just agree to no longer use the word sweat, and instead use the word sparkle? Kthanks!


Gym time is more fun with a buddy, whether you’re doing SoulCycle with your bestie or a creative workout with your partner. Pair up and help to keep each other accountable for your New Year’s resolutions.


My workout tip: dancing, dancing and more dancing. Gyms intimidate me, but I love to dance, so once a week I head to my favorite hip hop class here in San Francisco. Funny enough, sometimes I’m more sore from a Saturday night of dancing to my favorite songs at the bar than I am from a trip to the gym. Listen, ladies — dropping it low in heels for two hours is a real workout. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at Beyoncé’s booty =)


Create these motivational bras for you and your best gym buddies.


Just remember — today is a good day to have a good day.

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