Just like the world of style, food and home decor, fitness has seen its fair share of trends and fads (hello, brewery yoga, anyone?) come and go. One look at an at-home jazzercise video is all we really need to drive that point home. We’ve definitely moved on from the beloved but sporadic workout style of the ’80s, but that’s not to say that some other crazy workouts trends haven’t taken its place.

For the past 10 years, the American College of Sports Medicine has conducted a national survey to figure out what will be big in the world of fitness in the coming year. While some of what they found might seem a little bit obvious (wearable tech), there were a few other findings that were a little unexpected. Here’s a full list of all the top and budding trends you can expect to see in the next 365 days.

10 Top Fitness Trends of 2016

1. Wearable Technology: It shouldn’t come as a major surprise that wearables reign supreme this year. Whether it’s a Fitbit or Lumo Lift, these portable devices offer an easy and accurate way to keep tabs on your health without too much added effort.

2. Body Weight Training: As a super budget-savvy bunch, millennials are skipping out on workouts that require expensive supplies and instead choosing an alternative that requires just one thing: you. Whether it’s push ups, burpees or a plank, this just might be the most cost effective way to get in shape, ever.

3. High-Intensity Interval Training: If you’ve been to a boot camp recently we’re guessing you’ve tried high-intensity interval training (HIIT). The idea here is to partake in short bursts of high-intensity exercise followed by a short period of rest or recovery. Coming in at around 30 minutes a session, this is a super effective way to work out for those short on time.

4. Strength Training: Cardio has been everyone’s go-to workout method for years, but with recent research suggesting strength training might be the most effective way to tone up, it might finally be time to trade that stationary bike in for some free weights.

5. Educated and Experienced Fitness Professional Certifications: Even if you’re not looking for a major career switch, certification classes in the fitness realm have been gaining popularity not only as a prerequisite for a new job but also as a way to really get to know your favorite workout method better.

6. Personal Training: Piggybacking off of number five, it seems folks want results and they’re looking to go the extra mile to get it. Say goodbye to that boring 30 minutes on a treadmill and hello to your new personal cheerleader.

7. Functional Fitness: The ACSM writes, “Replicating actual physical activities someone might do as a function of his or her daily routine, functional fitness is defined as using strength training to improve balance, coordination, force, power and endurance to enhance someone’s ability to perform activities of daily living.”

8. Fitness Programs Designed for Older Adults: With advances in medicine, the elderly population is living longer than ever before – and they want to stay healthy. The ACSM suggests there a bit of a gap in the market here. These folks want to be active, but some of them can’t exactly jump into a HIIT class. In you’re looking for a new business venture this might be it.

9. Exercise and Weight Loss Programs: While this may seem like bit of a “duh” moment, the idea here is that the two go hand in hand. In the survey the ACSM writes, “Organizations, particularly those that are for-profit and are in the business of providing weight loss programs, will continue to incorporate regular exercise as well as caloric restriction for weight control according to the 2016 survey.”

10. Yoga: If you just scored a bunch of Lululemon goodies this Christmas it looks like you’ll probably be using them for a while. While yoga took a dip in ranking in the ACSM’s past few surveys it’s made a comeback by sliding into the final top ten spot.

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